🌩 🌧 Saturday 🌧 🌩

Morning all :wave:

How’s everyone? Happy weekend!

It’s raining here so we’re having a slow start. It’s actually quite nice having a morning where I’m not rushing us all to get out of the house.

Tell me all about your plans for today :slight_smile:

Morning @colon_closed_bracket

Everyone is still asleep as it’s so dark out. Except me as my body clock won’t allow it.

Raining so…

Cleaning, watching Ted Lasso, making meringues, maybe go to pick up my new jumpsuit…


Morning. Went to bed at 1.15, woke up at 4.30 thanks to storm. Ben awake since. Going to a beer festival in a bit, hoping the trains aren’t borked. Have a headache obviously

I slept til 7.30 this morning which is unheard-of! I think it’s a combination of the cloudy weather and the later sunrise in the west - made me think it was still 5.30am or something

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Got nothing planned all day, which is a delight. Had poached eggs and watching the Olympic road race. Sole opportunity for a lie in, but standard I was awake at 630.

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mornin team,

me and my bro are heading through to edinburgh to meet an absolute ATD for lunch and drinks, canny wait.

Not been out in edinburgh since pre covid, been waaaaaaaaaay too long.


It’s OK, brain, I don’t need a solid 8 hours sleep. Just keep waking me up every hour or so, that’ll do the trick.

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All right

Tasks this morning:

  • Make breakfast (poached eggs)
  • Go to the hardware shop and see if they have compressed air
  • Pick up my bike from my friend’s gaff
  • Get my pfirst dose of vaccine

Might treat myself to a burrito after all that


Developed a fever last night. Just been to the test centre


first dose eh?! you young fucker :slight_smile:



My plans for today include going to the farmers market, doing the food shop, some yoga and some DIY.

@grievoustim hope you feel better soon and fingers crossed it isn’t Covid!


Morning all.

Amazing how much difference 4 or 5 degrees makes to sleeping isn’t it? Feel so much better having had a cooler night to sleep in.

Need to do a bit of shopping this morning, then a meal in sparrows and the rugby this afternoon.

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It is scorching again up here. Going to be 25.

Thats like three straight weeks of insane weather.

Edinburgh is so peaceful and bearable without the Americans everywhere

Morning all!

The Child is still out so we’ve had a peaceful night and morning. According to her friend’s mam, her friend got so excited last night she was sick. The Child was up at 6.00 asking to play with the play dough.

I’ll probably be out in the garden all day as the weather is still scorchio. I’m hoping to make halloumi burgers this evening.

Morning, off to go fishing. Although it is really dark out this morning, like cant see in front of your face dark. We will see how long i last.

Going to make a frozen pizza for breakfast when i get back.


Had a brief rain shower this morning but didn’t last long. Quite windy and much cooler than it has been for the past week.

Was woken up by the dog being sick on the landing, so had to clean that up in a semi-concious state.

Going to take him for a walk in a min. Not much else planned for today. Making a curry for tea.

Morning ccb and all. Day 4 of vacation (I think?)

Currently cleaning the dishwasher and sorting out the kitchen. By which I mean sitting and drinking coffee listening to Oscar Peterson. Gonna jump in the lake later.

Cleo came into the bedroom this morning and snuggled up with a full turd hanging out her ass. Charming. (Cleo is our cat btw)

I like how UK time and East Coast Fisherman time are aligned so well :slight_smile:


Traffic on the M5 looks horrendous this morning

I think I feel at my most Dad-like when I’m congratulating myself on having made a Good Road Travel Decision :sunglasses: