Morning all. I think I was actually woken up by the wind, which is currently blowing outside at about 35mph.

I had intended to get a quick ride in before me, mum and dad go shopping but might have to concede its just too windy :grimacing:

Really looking forward to today. Last proper day out with my folks before I go back to England.

Whatcha doing?


Hi tilts and everyone
Spending some time with the cat and a coffee before getting the train down to see the in laws. Also listening to Jake Xerxes Fussell’s new album and marvelling at its loveliness. Think I need toast

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Morning tilts et al!

I’ve already been out in the garden gathering up escaped recycling because the bin blew over in the night. It is grim outside.

I’m doing some normal Saturday things with The Child while Wor Lass is on call. We’ve been asked to bring a friend along to drama and she’s invited the one whose dad I find really hard work and who isn’t really toilet trained, so I can’t imagine any potential problems.

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Morning Tilts, Gert, Keith, everyone

Not much happening right now, coffee and a book. Probably go for a walk in a while.

I want to go out to some record stores today but I’ve already bought too many recently.

Beyond that I need to take some time to put my comments into a public consultation about some new tower blocks planned for quite close to our flat, so that’ll be an exciting way to spend the weekend.


I thought I had already achieved peak Saturday but this is a new level.


My word!


Great album that.

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Will devour this tea and toast I’ve just made then dash into work for a few hours in the dream factory

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My shoulders and hands are aching this morning and I want some cuddles.

Would like to be snoozing rn too but my shopping is due in the next 20 minutes.

Cinema later? Idk.

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up, tired, no plans beyond some intensive crate training

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Season 5 Reaction GIF by The Office

The wind was so strong here I was awake from 230 till 5. When it gets strong, it makes a really odd high pitched whistling outside my bedroom window, almost impossible to sleep through it. Got up to 65mph at one point apparently.

Resultingly (is that a word? Should be), I’m bleary eyed, and have the prospect of a house full of 9 year olds this morning and a day of solo parenting. Coffee will be the order of the day.

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Morning all!

We were supposed to be just about on our way to Euston to go to the Natural History Museum now.

That was until the house went on the market on Tuesday… Instead, we’ve got viewing after viewing after viewing (x9) starting from 11am. Going to be absolutely draining.

Going to Localish Indian for dinner this evening which is something to look forward to though.

Oooft I’m tired and feeling coldy, really hoping it’s just cold classic and not another bout of 'rona :grimacing:

Currently chilling in bed with the bubs who is now being all cute having been up a lot of the night in various states of unhappiness

Going to fill myself with coffee, try and get some housework done and hopefully get out for a decent walk somewhere if the weather’s not being too much of a bastard

Hello. Surprisingly hungover after just the five pints of Guinness last night. Going parkrun in a bit, then brekkie, then hitting up a record fair and a few bookshops.

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How u feeling today huns

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  • Why not both

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See if you can get me a copy of the 1st Drugstore album, much obliged.

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So tired. Went to a gig last night, and got back late. The ringing in my ears then kept me awake for ages - I really should have remembered my earplugs @UncleRetrospective

Currently standing at the side of a cold and wet football pitch watching my daughter. I’ve bought a camping chair with me, though, so I’m now going to pull my hood over my face and have a little snooze.


Love the way I sleep terribly on Friday nights, the one night I can sleep as long as I want. Annoys me so much.


Went and bought all the stuff to make a prawn curry yesterday and all I can think about today is battering down a Chinese.