Bore da

Don’t know how I’m wide awake at this hour on my day off. Literally never wake up at this time on a working day when I need to.

Anyway, going to shower, get the paper, breakfast and then probably go for walk/ go into town later on.

Please witter on about your day below.

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Morning. Wednesday for me today. Off to work in a sec and throwing some tea and peanut butter toast into me. Fun fun. Aiming for a 4pm finish so I can watch the second rugby match today.

So boring

Morning all!

The Child was awake before 6 but I managed to send her back to bed until the, positively luxurious, time of 6.10. I’m going to be tired later.

We have fallen out over YouTube (partly because it’s a Friday thing and partly because she’s decided she likes some annoying child playing Roblox), watched half of Turning Red and have now started on live action (the bad) Aladdin.

I think she’s being taken on a play date this afternoon which will hopefully buy me some glorious peace in exchange for solo parenting tomorrow night. I’ll absolutely get dragged along now I’ve written it down.

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I’ve got a long list of things to do today, including some work that needs doing, a flat to tidy, a run to go on. But I suspect I might spend a bit too much time on the Xbox and put one or more of them off until tomorrow.

Then off out for pizza and drinks tonight for a pal’s birthday.

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Got woken up by a text from my ex at 5am thoughtfully trying to drag me into a row with my son. Yay

Just having coffee and working out what to do today

Am waiting for my coffee, around the corner from my studio. Got another recording session with this singer I’ve been working with. I’m so fucking excited about this project, it’s ridiculously good. Really having to exercise extreme self-control to not post anything

That said, if there’s anyone who wants to take part in a little focus group where I can test feedback on tracks & alternative mixes then DM me. If there’s a dozen or more it would be worthwhile

It’s quite pop. Think SZA produced by Tame Impala

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Just got absolutely soaked walking in. So that means wet trousers all day.

Alright? McDonald’s breakfast soon, I think.

I could go both a pizza and a McD’s breakfast today but I’m going out for pizza next week and we’re going by McD’s after drama, by which time breakfast is over.

So tired after nights.
Rose Matafeo on Saturday kitchen today. Could be fun. (I’m assuming Joe Wicks is a bit annoying though)

Theatre tonight! Yeeeyaaaa :star_struck:


Hate when comedians are on it because most of them seem to think everything they say has to be funny instead of just being normal.

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My 5 year old nephew just ran into the bedroom to inform us “time to get up and play!”

I’m so hungry




So apparently when you temporarily misplace an AirPod you can log into your iCloud and make it play a noise so it’s easier to find, meaning you don’t actually have to rummage through the kitchen bin which has two day old Taco Bell in. Who knew?


Did your bum start beeping


My tummy is rumbling.

Oh dear oh my head oh dear


This game makes no sense

The people buying our house are coming back tomorrow to have another look, measure some stuff, etc. So need to do a deep clean and make everything look tidy again today. Joy of joys.

Morning folks

I got my fastest parkrun time this year, which I’m pretty pleased about. I thought lockdown had left me incredibly unfit, but maybe there’s hope for me after all.

My other half isn’t feeling too great today, so me and Jimbo are going to have a few hours in town to give her a break, probably going in on our bikes. First stop the library, then down to the beach, then into the gaming cafe / bar down there for some lunch, then back via the Lego shop