Don’t think I’ve ever been up early enough to make one of these!

What we up to today?

I’m off to a hen do in Nottingham. Slept in a bit so rushing already

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Big day of football for me. Got a Saturday morning game then Fulham - Chelsea on the box. Soccer Saturday with Jeff and the boys, might catch the evening kickoff then match of the day tonight. Can’t imagine a better Saturday really


Oh shit.


I think ‘Jeff and the boys’ was the bit that did me.

Meant to be a reply to @Aggpass.

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Tried to get up and go to big tesco for opening time at 7 but I’m still at home drinking coffee, leaving now

Lee Hendrie is probably at the studio wondering why everyone is in black right now

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Morning all!

Standard Saturday breakfast/ drama/ Happy Meal this morning.

I’m going to try to mow the lawn and do groceries this afternoon. I’ll probably end up playing computer games with The Child.

We might make a pad thai for tea.


Flying back home this evening but planning to sit by the pool until the last possible minute.

Starting a new job on Monday and starting to get mild dread already.


Might try and mow the lawn if it’s not too soggy. Stick all the patio furniture in the garage seeing as the grey seems to have set in.

Woke up when my husband left for golf at 6:30am! Off to bootcamp again but dreading the ground being wet cause I am a princess :princess:

Morning all. Slept until 7.30 which is unusual for me. Today’s activities

  • tip run (they’ve got a paint amnesty today which better bloody not be postponed)
  • going to a National Trust place (which have remained open “for a place of reflection” - oops we might be bringing The Cheeksters with us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
  • doing yet more stuff to the rabbit enclosure (which apparently wasn’t sufficient for the animal sanctuary’s requirements)
  • making pizza

A what?

Can’t you take paint down there normally?

Correct - you can only take it once a year in Norfolk!

Happy Paint Amnesty Day Everyone!! Can’t believe nobody has mentioned it yet?!!? Wtf


It’s a paint amnesty weekend. Show some ruddy respect!


The locals just drink any leftover usually. (I have relatives in norfolk)

Off for a haircut then going clothes shopping with the missus. TK Maxx is on the cards

Latest scenes from King’s Lynn tip



Told myself I was going to do some work today to catch up on some things, but now I think I might stay in bed all day instead