Didn’t drink last night. Went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 5:50am.

  • That’s not enough sleep
  • It’ll do

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All depends Barlzz, did you go to sleep at 10, or were you dicking about on your phone till past midnight?


That’s almost 8 hours and 8 hours is enough.


Reckon I was asleep by half past.

Why am I so tiiiiiiirrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeddddddddddd

Only 6hrs for me. That’s normal though. Breakfast at my parents. Then off to see my Grandma. Then my sister. Then get some pizzas for dinner. Then flake out when the kids go to bed.


Morning all!

There’s a possibility The Child doesn’t want to go to drama (she’s finally fallen out with her annoying (horrible) friend and I think she’s nervous about seeing her) so there is an uncertain nature to my plans today. Hopefully breakfast will have made her feel more confident.

Wor Lass is out for brunch later (at lunchtime, obviously) and I’d quite like a treat activity.

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Shall we pull together a GoFundMe to send you paintballing? Or dragon boat racing?

Or is it more sitting quietly alone with no one asking you for anything?


I feel seen.


Ha! Pal of mine had yesterday off work as annual leave. Asked him what his plan was, he said “sanity day” where he just does absolutely fuck all. Respected him for that.


Heh, I do this now and then. Day off, someone asks “what are your plans?”


Unfortunately that’s usually followed up by “oh we could get lunch / go pub / etc etc”

“No I mean, the plan is I’m doing nothing”

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Buccal fat removal


Dog was happy enough to have a bit of a lie in for once.

Going to have tea and toast and then do some baking.

Taking doggo round to the in-laws so he can have a run around with his little mate this afternoon I think.

Had 2 x croissant, 1 Pain aux raisin and 1 pain au chocolate and 2 cups of coffee for breakfast


Got a fancy croissant waiting for me

See if the £2.70 local cafe one beats out the Lidl 50p one (it won’t)

Two slices of toasted sourdough with marmite on, two coffees, and watching Anton and Giovanni cutting about in Sicily. Quite enjoyable.

Going to give the flat a big clean then do some exercise and then go to the pictures later.


Already working this morning. Hopefully I can turn it round pretty quickly, and not take up too much of my day with it. Hopefully an afternoon pint with a Disser later

Oh yeah Scotland are playing too so I’ll probably watch that.

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Everyone please tick off these World Class Basics as and when you accomplish them

  • Woke up
  • Had some water
  • Had a think

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My only think so far was “hmm what can I think about?” tbh :rofl:

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