Morning champs

Got to clean the house up a bit

Go to my friend’s sons first communion

Out for lunch

Home for Glastonbury stuff on the telly and do some bits of work (realised yesterday that I had forgotten one child completely when writing reports :rofl:)

Woah! Congratulations!

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Grab some pruners

Lets prune

Staying up playing games til 2 will leave you very drained the next day. Who knew!

The Guardian Blind Date today’s #lovelystuff.

Missus is rawdogging 1/3rd of a massive watermelon next to me in bed. Looks like a murder scene.

“Do you want me to call reception for a fork?”
“No it’s more fun eating it like this”


Just done a parkrun at windermere. Having a sausage bap then sorting myself out and going to L’Enclume for a barrage of nonsense this afternoon


On the train to London. The main line isn’t running. Shit is about to get bananas.


I’m late for craft for cats

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Rough night. Seem to have picked up gastroenteritis so that’s fun. Managed to eat some weetabix so hopefully through the worst. Mini is going through a sleep regression too :sleeping:.

Still, it’s Saturday, ive got a coffee and Fraiser on TV. Hopefully go somewhere for a wander this afternoon.

Family stood near me are discussing their plans, and they’re doing London Eye, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, M&M World

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No mention of the OXO Tower yet


Was really looking forward to a lay in but was made to get up at 8.30 to look after the dog while the family went out. Now they’re back and my mum’s cooking a fry up, although there’s not enough for me so I’m having a bacon sandwich instead.

Colours festival at De La Warr later, hopefully it’ll be nice and chill :smiling_face:



Morning all,

Drinking a cup of tea in bed, staring at some paint testers on the wall in front of me. It’s a bit weird, I don’t know if it’s to do with the light in the room or the weird white paint that is already on the walls that I’ve applied the testers on top of, but all the colours look SO different to how they look in the test card. A lot of them have come up much darker.

Anyway, meeting a friend for lunch and cocktails in a wee bit :blush: don’t know what to wear :sweat:

Cute! :heart_eyes:


And huuuge congrats @paidinfull & @Cristaltips!! :partying_face:


P.S. for all my fellow horror fans, the top left colour is called Giallo :yellow_heart: :hocho: :gloves: :drop_of_blood:


Morning troops

Away to the Shinty cup final in yoker later, atd is playing.

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The Sunday Dinner thread also welcomes other weekend food :smiling_face: