Morning all!

We’re back to our regular routine of waking up early followed by drama class.

Have you got any interesting plans? How about some boring ones?

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Cycling round norfolk


Where abouts in Norfolk are you cycling?

This bit :grinning:


Bloody hell, that’s a lot of Norfolk! Do a wave as you go through King’s Lynn :wave:

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Silly me didn’t go to bed until 4. Well done :ok_hand:

Weather is changeable today, which is a shame as we’d have liked to go on a walk. Oh well.

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Football this morning. Bedwetter fest with @Tilly and @svenrokk later


Some good bands there. Panic pocket :heart:

Up with the weans. Seem to have dodged a hangover.

For some reason the boy is silent when watching youtube but if he is playing a game i have to listen to him descibing everything he is doing. Big sigh.

Nothing planned today, really.

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Up with the kid and coffee while my girlfriend sleeps off her hen do hangover. Bit fuzzy myself. Chilled morning then off to buy some clothes & shoes.

I told The Child I would stop letting her play on the PlayStation if she didn’t stop narrating everything which was happening.

It’s YouTube’s fault.


So is. We also have this issue :roll_eyes:

Anyway, was supposed to be taking v and his friend paddle boarding but that seems to not be on so who knows what today will bring.

Going to try my best to get the boys to try on school trousers and shoes but they are very reluctant to do so :woman_shrugging::rofl:

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another vote for up early despite not sleeping til very late. for the second saturday running i can barely walk on my left foot after playing football the night previous :upside_down_face:

immediate plans: COFFEE

and then some laundry and that

Well hello there.

Am in bed, tired, youngest had two pals for a sleepover here last night, so i was up reading them the riot act at 1am.

Need to do an 11 mile run at some point today but don’t feel particularly well, so not sure it’s the smartest idea I’ve ever had. Especially as it is digestive system related.

Just finished reading a Patrick Radden Keefe book (the one that is his collection of magazine articles) and now want to read more of his business.


New mug day (Hasami porcelain no less)!

Good morning everyone :sun_with_face:


I’m in Bedford, anyone else in Bedford?

I’m on the train.

Choo choo.

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Girl I’m seeing and her housemate are both off back to Greece for 3 weeks and they gave me all the food from their fridge and all the beer for some reason. Get in


Watching yellowstone. It is quite amusing how few people can act in this show. Also far too much happens in each episode but I’ll keep watching this garbage it’s alright actually but pretty mid.

Hungry. Can someone put junk food in my face, pls.

Going for my first rehearsal with a band since August 2020 tonight. Absolutely buzzing.

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