Love my neighbours singing loudly all fucking night.

Any bangers?


Alright. Brighton today for Acaster. Meeting some dissers hopefully. Nice food and drinks, stay in a hotel. No kids around. Perfect day lined up I hope


Morning. Was going to ride my bike but I just cannot be fucked man.

Might do gym, pilates and swim instead, then read in the garden all afternoon.


Good morning from the Welsh valleys.


Morning all!

I already feel like I’m winning because I talked The Child into going back to bed when she woke at 5.50 and then I got to sleep until 7.10.

We’re on our standard YouTube/ drama/ McDonald’s schedule. Wor Lass wants to take The Child out on her bike this afternoon and then I’m out for Pigsx7 tonight.

I drank waaaaay too much coffee last Saturday and felt weird because of it, and I already feel like I’m going to do the same thing today.


Very sleepy still but here I am chatting to you creeps anyway. Going the football later then making burritos for tea. What a day.


Morning superstars

Going to do some gardening at church, mainly to help V get his volunteer DofE hours up

Take the dog out

Parents co big over to watch football and tell us about their Route 66 holiday they are just back from

Make a pie for tea - I think quorn, mushroom and leek.

Pretty alright day



Had a lovely week in Greece, just sat by the pool reading a lot. Got that awkward period today where we need to check out shortly but won’t get picked up to go to the airport for six hours, so just intending to sit in the shade/air con and cane the last of the all inclusive.


Morning all :wave:

I like this point on a Saturday morning where everyone is sat up in bed reading and there’s no massive impetus to get up.

Slightly strange day: we’ve got some people we barely know* popping round for a cuppa later this morning. Not sure about this afternoon. Going to make pad Thai tonight.

There’s also the hazardous substances amnesty at the local tip so I might clear a few cans from the garage.

* Mrs CCB is making a “memories book” for her parents who are turning 80 this year, so she’s been contacting all of her parents’ friends. One of the friends mentioned they were coming to west Norfolk and Mrs CCB politely said “you should drop in!” and well, they’re dropping in.


The worst case scenario! Godspeed.



Pleasant morning, if a little chilly. Just having a cup of tea then I shall be accompanying the dog for his perambulations.

Work this afternoon, unfortunately.



That second photo is incredible

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Up at the crack of dawn and now on a train to Nottingham to visit my sister in law and niece and run the Robin Hood half marathon tomorrow. Can feel a cold is coming so internally negotiating with my immune system to give me to Monday at least.

St Pancras was full of Irish rugby fans getting on the Eurostar and already drinking, was pretty annoyed to see the shop that used to do good wanker beers basically just does Camden Hells now. Anywhere bang on Nottingham Station I could grab a few strong wanker stouts or IPAs for post-run tomorrow, anyone?

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Harrogate looks lovely

Wasn’t paying attention to the weather as I was getting the dog ready for his walk. Didn’t pick up sunglasses. Spent the better part of half an hour squinting.

Need to go and buy some new shoes. Hate shoe shopping.

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I wish I was on holiday :sob:

Morning hello morning yes

Drank far too much wine last night. Have a cool day planned with my brother which is a rare treat. We’ve got a beer tasting session starting any minute now and then a bit of non-league football this afternoon. Will be ace.

Got to hang out with this amazing little 11 week-old dude last night too


Think a decision over retiring my shorts for the winter will need making soon. Bit chilly on the dog walk this morning.