How’s it going? Any plans? Here’s a photo of my cat Layth, he loves being carried like a baby



Cute cat :heart_eyes_cat:.

I’m at my friends house laying on an air mattress and her cats keep wandering through the living room but they’re super timid so I can’t manage to get a picture.

Quite hungover. Need food and coffee. No plans beyond that.



I am now off work for SIXTEEN (16) days in a row with nothing specific planned. Mrs_t_england was meant to be having some time off too but ended up only having next Friday off so mini-holiday plan is unlikely to happen. At least I’ll have plenty of time to figure out what to do!

Today I am going down the shops, hoping for a #cheekynandos, going to look at 4k HDR mega bastard TVs at J-Lews, and do a few bits and pieces. Then home for Jeff/3pm football, then hopefully a pizza, then dunno.


Alright, going to Mirrors fest today and got two spares if anyone fancies




Cool cat :slight_smile:
Having breakfast and reading the papers, then picking up a couple of ATDs for our trip to Manchester to see John carpenter, canny wait :slight_smile:


I am going to see a Black Sabbath cover band tonight


Good cat

I am playing a gig at five o’clock but I want to see some other bands before that. Jazz festival!

Will also visit a friend who is stuck working in an art gallery for the day and is missing a lot of the music.


Looks like my boy when he was a baby.

I’m cycling out to an immigration removal centre for a demo. Then gonna do my essays.


Did the parkrun this morning (20s off my best time but I had a thai and beers last night so not too disappointed). Gunna keep tabs on the footy while cleaning the flat, go for a few evening beers for a pal’s birthday and hopefully come home earlyish


Didnt get up in time for the McDonald’s breakfast


meeting mum and sisters in a bit, halloween party later

got this to wear


3 weekends after I had intially planned it, I got up earlyish and went for a haircut this morning.

Should try to knock off a bit of an online course project thing in the next hour or so, but struggling to motivate myself.

Didsbury Beer Festival this afternoon with my brother and his girlfriend.


Snap on getting a haircut. I look less feral now.


I utterly despise queueing for haircuts, but also won’t pay the prices that places who let you book charge, so it’s 9 am on a Saturday or not at all for me.

Hopefully this cut should get me through to the start of my time off at Christmas, so I can go while everyone else is in work.


On my way to our holiday home on the coast for seafood and a walk to Culzean. Then bonfire and fireworks later. Hoping the weather picks up as its a bit boggin right now.


hi jazzy and all. please enjoy your weekends


Culzean is lovely


On a nice day it’s stunning. Today it might be a bit…soggy.


my source from the future retrieved this for me. lookin sharp ma man