I’m ill. Thinking of leaving the house for a board game and comic book run, but other than that I’m hunkering down for the weekend.

What are your plans?


Psychiatric evaluation followed by heavy drinking.



The weather outside is frightful. And inside I’m working on this presentation that I have to give on Monday. On the upside, I’ve (quite easily it seems, after some sleep) got myself out of the nasty corner I’d over-panicked myself into last night.

It was all getting a bit…


didn’t get up in time for mcdonalds breakfast


Feeling a little dead on my feet today - cold and cough and so on, while at work. BUT I got all my tax return stuff done first thing this morning which has taken a mega wait off.


…weight off. See? Tired.


Got really drunk with work people last night.


Still a bit groggy from last night’s wine. Its tipping it down outside so I’m going to sack off doing anything and just stay inside reading.


Got a slightly sore throat and my boyfriend is making fun of my croaky voice.

We’ve got shopping being delivered soon so hopefully won’t have to go outside today


Proper fancy a chip butty


Me too, but my gf thinks it’s a sexy voice. Go away, woman, I’m currently 83% snot.


oh shit so do i now. so good.


Chip cob YSC

At an empty open day (it’s meant to be niche, tbf) massively hungover discussing the finer points of university administration with the registrar. Happily she hasn’t noticed I’m wearing trainers yet.

Probably just going to play fm17 tonight and eat pork scratchings.


Popped out for a bacon and egg butty. Gonna get some stuff for dinner then spend the afternoon watching rugby


Drinking with DiSsers last night ended with chundering up my sleeves in a taxi to avoid desecrating it, then having the police called on me and having them escort me to my friends’ flat… Buckfast tonic wine, eh.

Wednesday's DiSer is full of woe
Friday Stats Check


fantastic effort


Outstanding :slight_smile:


feel like thats not the best use of police time, who called them?


Basically the area my friends live in is loads of similar looking flats, and I couldn’t remember which one they lived in (phone was dead). Buzzed a few flats but accidentally did one twice. they said they’d call the police on me if I did it again, but confusingly I saw them watching me from the window and they looked exactly like my friends so I waved and they shouted at me :frowning: tried to explain but they weren’t having it. Then the police turned up and I explained my situation, they managed to find out what block I was looking for and took me up to the flat.


Fuck off or we’ll call the police, it’s 3am

Hahaha hiiiiii guys!!!