Wonder why we don’t say Saturnight, Sunnight etc.

Listening to a podcast about Princess Di which i assumed I’d have no interest in but :broken_heart:


Nutella on toast in bed for me then a few hours to myself later where i was hoping to go for lunch time drinks but no one seems to be about. Zelda instead then.


:rotating_light: snow in M27 :rotating_light:

going to see jack and the beanstalk in salford today, that’s going to be good


Managed to cadge a lift to Yorkshire so heading down to watch the football and back up tomorrow

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Got a dickie tummy. Up a few times in the night. Add to that my son deciding it’ll be a good idea to wake up at 2 and not go back to sleep and my daughter up at 5ish. Tired, cranky house. Wife wants to got to the local NT house for a walk, I don’t wanna, mainly as it’s freezing and I can think of better things to do.

Fancy making nice dinner, but no idea what that’ll be.

Still in bed

Forgot to set the timer for the breadmaker :upside_down_face: so it’ll just be regular weekday thread for toast. Proper butter though :yum:

Made a chicken shawarma pie for dinner last night - stages below

Girls are at the panto this afternoon so going for a festive lunch with Mrs CCB. Looks like Hanseatic Seafood Platter is back on the menu.


What makes it hanseatic? (Having just googled where hanseatic comes from)



I’m not entirely sure, but a lot of the fish (e.g. rollmop herring) has its influences in northern Europe - the sorts of places that were part of the Hanseatic League.

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We did have a trip up to the Christmas market, etc planned but wife is ill, so probably not.

No snow here - still wonderfully chilly though. Just been looking at the forecast and it’s apparently not rising above 1 degree all week :star_struck: :snowflake:

Going to wrap up and take Mr Dog for a wintry walk. Probably need to pop down the shops to get something for lunch and some beers - might be a bit icy for the bike today though.

Making chilli for tea and watching the football.

Barleysugar decided it would be a good idea to go to sleep on the sofa while holding the cornflakes.



Still ill with the #coldfromhell.
Youngest threw up in the car and then has had a bad stomach, so probs d&v on the way for the whole house to follow the colds we all had.
Might take eldest down to tennis and then no plans after that but would like to be out of the plague house :grimacing::scream::pray::nauseated_face:

@barleysugar get the hangover hoover out :upside_down_face:


Thought this was going to be a spilled bowl - not a whole dry packet (better clean up I suppose though)

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Was so bored and tired last night I was in bed by 9. That was my fun last minute day off

Hope I cheer up a bit today, still coughing a bit

What’s this emoji supposed to mean? :man_bowing:


Hey up

Taking dog to a field where he can have a mad run, just as well after he was up in the night being sick producing a stone.

Then I am off to a yoga retreat afternoon all warm and cosy with herbal teas and chocolates. Gentle massage and yoga moves.

Then parents coming for a local Indian and the football.

Solid Saturday isn’t it.

Off to my pals restaurant later. Hope I’m feeling better

Still in bed. Lovely bed.

Need to rebuild my bike but tbh it’s too icy for riding I think.

Match tonight.


Anyone got a solid reliable chicken casserole recipe?

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Yeah exactly why he needs to get up. I ain’t cleaning it.:upside_down_face::relaxed: