Alright? Not slept because my neighbours came in steaming at 4 and didn’t go to bed until half 5. And the chronic insomnia too lol.


Morning! Sorry to hear about the neighbours/insomnia combo - not getting enough sleep is one of life’s more grindingly unpleasant experiences.

Not decided on what to do today yet. Had planned to go for a wander with my camera, but at this point that feels like it might be too ambitious. How about you?

On a train. Some kid is talking to me. Too friendly for 7am. FO,M


Morning everyone. Went to bed early and slept well and now feeling a bit better today, who knew!

Got a bbq today.

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The Child woke up at 6.20. I’m still a bit pissed.

I’m not playing football this morning, although that wasn’t confirmed until 6.30.

Updates after some toast and coffee.


Fell asleep about 7.30 last night putting Jnr to bed, got up and got straight in my bed. Man, this rainy weather makes me constantly tired.

Going to a friend’s this afternoon for his birthday.

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Had my ‘not been to my art class at uni for about two months and have about a week to hand in absolutely loads of work that I haven’t done and the uni are ringing me about my absence’ dream


Morning all,

It’s a nice day down here right now. Let’s hope it stays that way. I’m up early with the boy, but I’ll have a bit of time to myself later when he goes off to his gym club, so I’ll pop out with my camera and finish off the roll I started on holiday and maybe do a bit of record shopping too.

Morning folks. Back to work day, although it’s the start of a 4 day week so not so bad. Raining and windy and that here, which is really not inspiring me to get out of bed.


Just had a dream where I was at a gig (I think it was a public enemy gig, but they hadn’t come on stage yet in dream) and I really needed a wee, so I went searching for ages to find one through loads of corridors and stairs and stuff and then i finally find one and I’m pissing and then I stop and go start walking back but I realise I still need a wee and that’s cos it’s just a dream and I need a piss in real life and I wake up and go and have one

Now I’m back in bed with a tea, feeling well dozy

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Hiya :wave:

Chores today. Woo. Got to take the car in for its MOT, get my hair cut, then start doing some packing as it looks like (:crossed_fingers:) we’ll be moving house in a few weeks time…

I think I need more toast.

Morning all

IT’S NOT RAINING AND IT’S NOT EVEN FORECAST TO RAIN! :sunny: :sun_with_face: :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Off on an 8 mile walk in a bit (I organise a walkers group locally and this is our monthly walk). Pub lunch as well hopefully.

And this evening, we’ve got people coming over for dinner - I don’t know them so well but they’re friends with Mrs CCB and they seem quite nice. They’re vegan so I’m digging out the Ottolenghi (sounds like a euphemism?)

Happy Saturday everyone


Morning all.

:sunny: it’s sunny!
:sunny: we have no plans today!
:cloud_with_rain: B is not very well
:cloud_with_rain: I CBA to get up

Might start Chernobyl and play lots of video games


Sorry you didn’t get any sleep :cry: I got up at 6:30 and am currently having breakfast before heading out to the wedding.

Lovely summery weather here, FINALLY

PS: I’m doing the big emoji poll on Monday so brace yourselves

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Bike ride, pub lunch, Herne Hill Velofete on the cards today.

Tomorrow is TOUR DE PENGE :sunglasses:

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To my way to my parents again to dig more holes for fence posts.

I’m knackered and really could do without this.

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Morning. Going to watch my nephew play in a football tournament then check out the nearby street fete then gym then buying the fam a takeaway as it’s fathers day tomorrow innit.

Did I tell you I built a deck this week?

Well I did.