How long does it take to tour Penge?


it’s a family bike ride organised by Penge CC which goes to Greenwich and back along the little-known Waterlink Way. Ends at a school where we have a BBQ and a piss up :blush:



Want to do outdoor things but hay fever is already destroying me and I haven’t even opened a window yet.

Need distractions to stop thinking about wisdom teeth coming out on Tuesday and having to also manage all the birthday prep stuff between that. Too many things that need to be done at the same time.

Currently playing robots, though my character of Galaxy Robot seems to be surplus to requirements now.

Yo! Couldn’t get warm at all in bed last night and then woke at 3 shivering and covered in sweat. Glands like golfballs, so I suspect I’m in for something. Going on holiday in ten days so better to get any lurgae over with before that, I suppose. Gargling with diluted apple cider vinegar and maldon in case it’s tonsillitis. Tastes like a chippy tea tbh, not bad.
Weather is dreich and depressingly grey. What an awful June so far!
Got an eye test at 3 and considering cancelling in case i have something viral- it’s not really fair on the person who’s close up in my face. So annoying as I want new prescription sunnies for my hols, but never mind.

Why did i wake up at 8 when in the week i struggle to get up at that time?

I had a dream about a difficult spreadsheet I’ve been working on. I’m so boring. It didn’t even yield any useful insights.

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Show us a pic

Why is Lewis Capaldi all over my Facebook feed


Morning champs.

Up and not really at them. Got to wait for the ocado man, make some breakfast then supervise the kids making a cake for my grandmas birthday party tomorrow, 97!

Probably watch some more football and should do some work as well.

@colon_closed_bracket when you know them, please provide more dinner party details. Sounds excellent.

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Missed an opportunity to ask for a massive deck pic



Love your deck!

Think I called my boss a Tory cunt last night


Depends if it is true or not riiiiight

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There’s a lad sat here in departures with a cycling helmet on but otherwise normal clothing and it’s done me.



You can do it! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Pretty sure it’s true.
In fact, I’ve just been informed, my actual words were “anyone who votes Tory can FUCK OFF” :woman_shrugging:



He then went on to defend the tories and tries repeatedly to claim Universal Credit was a good thing, as his nan did well under it.

Didn’t think Esther McVey’s grandson would be that old tbh #satire

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