hello chums - what’s going on?

gonna be sat on the sofa all day. just started the episode(s) of twin peaks with james hurley/evelyn, lord help me. hopefully eat some burritos today.


You’ve just described The Promised Land.


need to go buy food but too lazy


Easily the worst part of Twin Peaks, but it does get a lot better afterwards. God, even that rockabilly “theme” he gets is the worst of the soundtrack. I’m really not a fan of James!

Today I’m going to make raita, try some chinese dumplings in town, have a few beers with a large group of mostly good people. Oh and I’ll also watch the joy of football that will be #ARSHULL.

Very tired though. One of the people I live with came back drunk and loud and woke me up. Couldn’t get back to sleep for ages because of hearing that wonderful squeaking bed sound for what felt like forever.


Lives with a drunken mouse.


Skint and rough. Reckon that’s the worst combination of anything.

Listening to a live Nas album though.


it’s snowy here in Amsterdam


Cold out


just admiring how cheap property is on Ellesmere Street in Glasgow (G22)

places for about £40k, i’m guessing it’s pretty stabby?


Close to PTFC though


I really don’t know that area at all despite working quite close.


took some sleeping pills at about 1:30am and I think they’re still in my system as I feel really woozy.


Didn’t get up in time for McDonald’s breakfast


I’m very tired. Not really planning on doing much at all. I’ll probably watch some football and play Xbox.

Tomorrow I’m doing the London Ghost Bus tour. Should be fun.


It is snowy.

Just had poached eggs and bacon for breakfast

Gonna take the dog for a walk shortly.

Will spend the afternoon with Xbox


On another rural Austrian train.




Exhausted. Boyfriend is being the best and making me pancakes to eat in bed. Peanut butter, nutella, banana.


Sitting across from a flower market, one of the guys manning a stand made loads of snowballs and is throwing them at random people walking by, and rather than getting annoyed they are running and making their own and firing back! :grinning: