Saturgust 🌻


Just lying in bed having an existential crisis, hbu?


Do jobs
Head to town
Watch a film


Morning! :blush:

It’s Cheekster 2’s birthday today :partying_face: Plans are:

  • beach for playing around, swimming and a picnic
  • different beach for ice cream
  • presents
  • lasagne for dinner and birthday cake :birthday:


I set a new record in being an absolute plum yesterday. Within half an hour of being in Brighton I lost my invisalign and I lost them literally 2 goddamn minutes after taking them out. Went to the loo at the beach, took them out and rinsed them, couldn’t get my bag open to put them in my case cos I’d overstuffed my bag and my zip was fucked so I just put them in my dress pocket planning to put them away properly after Avery had helped me fix my bag. Walked onto the beach to meet the boys, went to sit down, hand in pocket aligners gone. We all combed the short length of beach I’d walked, but they were nowhere to be found. Fucksake. :upside_down_face:
Gonna be really painful putting new ones in on Sunday.

Otherwise having a lovely time so far! :slightly_smiling_face:
@grievoustim made us a delicious pasta bake for dinner :yum:


Also laying in bed but no crisis, just sleepiness and tea.

Walk to Pilates
Run home after Pilates
Chill out afternoon
Out for cocktails and dinner for a date with my husb :heart:


Another in bed crew

Wondering if mrS will bring tea soon
Going out for lunch
Sorting stuff to do a boot sale tomorrow

That’s it really

I’m going to a pre school graduation party. Should be in Torquay with everyone else.

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Going to a wedding later

Just popped out to get some pastries for our house guests, a very selfless act


Eldest daughter is away for the weekend. Mrs W and youngest daughter are going out for the day. I’m going to have the place to myself! The possibilities are endless……

Probably just going to snooze



Just packing up from a night atgth in-laws them a day on witterings beach before the journey home.

I had an absolutely bonkers dream last night. I was walking alone some beach with my pal and then a plane fell out of the sky in the distance and a bus came to evacuate us all from the scene, and took us to see the League of Gentlemen live which performance at some stage turned into a really, really lacklustre tribute to the songs of Victoria Wood

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Morning my babes <3

I really want lasagne, but I fear I have no veggie mince in the freezer. But I have some vegetables, such as broccoli, and I’m gonna find a way to make this happen and be a thing.


Lentils? Puy lentils or green ones would be good.

The mushroom lentil bolognese by Jamie is dead good though not quite tomatoey/juicy red saucy as you might want for lasagne but you could just take some guidance from it.


Oh yeah also it’s my first ever PRIDE :rainbow: :heartpulse: :purple_heart: :blue_heart:


What has dis got against pink? There are no pink hearts on dis :angry:

Morning :wave:

My son and I are going to watch the Pride parade then I’m meeting some lovely DiSers for drinks!


Hi. Day 6 of this godforsaken flu/chest infection. So fed up. Did get to watch the sunrise this morning which was beautiful. Just want to stay in bed and watch shit on YouTube

@ttf (since I think I’ve designated you as my sponsor in such matters), I saw something come up about Malcolm Gladwell (apparently he cried on someone’s podcast because he hates the idea of people working from home) and it’s reminding me of the rock and country episode again


Got up, went to CrossFit, felt sick before the class even started, left after 10 minutes and now I’m back in bed. Dog is using my head as a pillow. Plan for today is to spend it tidying once I stop feeling nauseous, our house is a disaster.

I fucking hate Crash Bandicoot


I’m just glad to be here.