Saturgust 🌻

I do a cauliflower bolognese with the cauli shredded into a mince-like texture and green lentils but it might not work with broccoli.

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Morning all!

My brother is visiting. I think we’re taking The Child to play crazy golf.

ill and bored

eyes are already watering from staring at screens too much. gonna be a shit day

Oh BOOTS, why did I not wait for the dis wisdom before charging full steam ahead :smiley: @inthedusk @GentleGiant @keith those ideas/recipes all sound amazing!!!

Instead, as ever, I charged full steam ahead with whatever slightly sad looking veg I had in my salad drawer :smiley:

Still! I’m confident if I bubble this all down to a bit of a mush it’ll make a delicious and nutritious lasagne. Who’s to tell me, an adult woman, that broccoli can’t go in a lasagne? No one, that’s who!


That looks like it’ll be good.

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Had a cracking time in Brum. Now am packed and ready - managed to get it down to weekend bag plus rucksack for a 7 day trip so feeling glad not to have to fuck about with baggage check


Dr Mrs Epimer is back from her short trip away tomorrow so today I’m going to prepare a special surprise for her like all hot sexy couples do after some time apart: I’m going to defrost the freezer.


Should be doing jobs but I’m trying to convince a chef on instagram to get me into his little secret restaurant next year before general sale - using all (none) of my charms I think I’ve managed it :nail_care:

That’s enough work for one day tbh.


Morning all

Gotta go to a party with my family today, no Her Indoors for backup, so dreading it quite a lot. Also one headlight is broken on my car and the other one comes on whenever you press the break pedal, which seems bad…

How did we play this as kids, its solid

it’s absolutely rock fucking hard

determined to 100% it. see you in 5 years

happier now cos the lawn bowls is on

Was going to go to pride and meet a while bunch of people but my social anxiety ramped up yesterday so am gunna watch football and chill.

My mood is fine. Kinda disappointed but yeah whatever it is what it is. (Tbh tjos happens every other pride so was expecting it. Im mot the biggest fan of crowds and need to be intoxicated to deal with it and lets be honest i need to save as much money as possible right now anyways so im probably doong the sensible thing rather than the fun thing)

On a break from the booze and would like to continue that anyways so silver lining.

Take care of yourself pal :purple_heart:


You will get through it :muscle:t2:


Found some Pizza scissors


Loved crash bandicoot!! I want to have a go.


What shall I wear?

  • :strawberry: Shorts
  • :rainbow: Dress

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