Last Saturday in May. No lie ins allowed.

Wide awake ofc, no plans today except catsitting duties and i think some spring cleaning and sorting.

What’s going on?

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Im lying in

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I seem to wake up early no matter what time I go to bed at the minute, which is fine on days I went to bed at a sensible time and didn’t spend the evening in the pub. But this isn’t one of those days.

Not wide awake yet but off to wide awake festival later on.

Need to decide whether to go for a run beforehand but it’s looking like a big no from where I am right now.



Cant understand why sleep is so hard

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Still lying in. Listening to prince whilst i do it too

Why you shakes fist

Barely slept last night. Literally about an hour. Can I have a live-in?

I’m never having caffeine after 2pm again…

That’s how I’ll be spending my day


Sorry no lie ins.

All i can offer you is an early night and possibly a late afternoon nap.

Enjoy the festival!

Still in bed


No lie in here. Can’t remember the last time I did, what with cats and a small child

Anyway today : take Jimbo for a haircut, run some errands, then DISSONANCE RADIO LAUNCH DAY :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

I’m sure there’ll be another thread all about it, but I’ll be on at 3 with two special DiS guests. Big thanks to @TVDenimChap for all the hard work he’s put in getting us to this point


Kiddo took 3 frustrating hours to get to sleep last night. Feel weirdly rested though.

It’s raining so maybe it’s a museum day.

Still in bed. Need to get the kid ready and go to cricket. Why did I volunteer to help coach 20+ 5-8 year olds on a Saturday morning for like 10 weeks?!?!

Morning everyone!

Kids got us up nice and early. Doing a spot of tidying and then launching a radio station with some dis pals innit


I am awake but still in bed. Does this count as a lie in @inthedusk ?

Might send you a voice note

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I remember those nights. Sometimes he’d fall asleep in the car, so we’d try going for a drive to get him off, then end up driving about thirty miles still without any joy. :baby:t2::zzz:

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Doing pretend cooking in the silly toddler’s kitchen. The dish we’re making sounds horrifying.


Hmm, I’m sorry but you have to get up.

(I’m also still in bed but hypocrisy is a vital part of leadership)

Voicenotes welcomed at all times. Please ask the silkworms to send me one too - they’ve got my number.

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Mrs W: ‘Can you close the blind a little bit please? The sun is reflecting off your head and blinding me.’

Off to Newcastle tomorrow, to take my grandma out for her 94th birthday - so today is mainly running around organising stuff (cat to cattery, dog to friends, maybe a little pub garden stop at some point).