Hey up!

MrS has gone to find some diesel as today I am driving my friend and her daughter to uni. Only in Bristol but it’s still a big day isn’t it.

Awake early as my body clock is adamant at a 6am calling each day which I guess is me getting older

What are you up to and what time do you wake please?


Morning @Slicky and everyone else!

I woke up at something like 4.45am, couldn’t get back for ages and then eventually drifted off again. Then woke at 7 properly because cheekster 2 knocked on our door.

Plans: go for a walk this morning, maybe have someone do a second viewing on our house (though this is far from certain), go to the football, make pizza.


My brain decided we only needed about 3 hours sleep last night so I’m up with the parents of dis after failing to drop off til about 3am despite having an early night. Going into Brighton later to buy records and get my hair cut. Gonna watch the early kick off at my pals house. After that I’ll probably want to go home and nap.

Hello slickster. Gonna do a run in a bit

Today I was woken up at 7:20 by a wet cat who likes routine and must have his breakfast at the same time every day





Ready far too early to go and do ParkRun. I don’t need to leave for almost another hour. I’ll probably end up leaving late after fiddling for the intervening time.

I’ve got a free afternoon today, so a bit of shopping and maybe a pint with @grievoustim

Morning! Nearly always wake up between 6-6.30 for some reason. Annoying really. Going to get this house blitzed and clean today then do very little this evening except lying down and eating.

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Hi hi

I’m running in my hometown half-marathon this morning (postponed from March 2020 lol) and am woefully underprepared.

Ah well, meeting some ATDs for pints later.


Instantly thought of @Hostile_17


Still gotta supercold. Gonna try my hand at wallpapering today. Then need to write up some more for the fantasy gaming side-job.

BUT then I drive up to see mum which is good.

Mrs W and the kids are going away for an all girls camping night.

It’s just me and the dogs at home for about 36 hours.

Don’t really know what to do, beyond maybe a long lunchtime dog walk (with a country pub stop?) followed by a cinema trip.

Yep. :confused:


(Also though thoughts and prayers for flat cleaning. I need to do the steam cleaner on the kitchen floor but cba)

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Morning all!

I’m in North Tyneside.

We’re going to some soft play today and then I’m going for some beers.

Good morning.

I was woken in the middle of the night by noisy foxes and, in turn, the dog barking at noisy foxes.

Woke up properly at about 7.30, as usual, because the dog wanted his breakfast.

Plans for the day are minimal. Take the dog for a walk. Going to see about maybe getting a tattoo done but not sure.

Making a curry for dinner.

No plans whatsoever

Today: 8:45 AM

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Oh my days, I am so so exhausted. Woke up at 6.30 and I still feel tired. Working until 8 tonight and working tomorrow. Both kids are ill, I’ve picked up their cold. Watching Wall-E for the second time in a week. lovely stuff

i have a cold of some kind, super or otherwise:

  • yes i d(acho)o
  • No I do(no noise is needed here)n’t

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squid game rules btw

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Been up since half six, spent the last few hours cleaning the house ahead of my brother and his girlfriend coming up to ours for the first time since last January. He’s currently driving around Richmond trying to find petrol, without which our entire weekend is fucked. Wonder if this sort of stuff will have any effect on Tory voters (haha, obviously it won’t)