Oh yeah I know. Driven through it before, looks pretty. But a hell of a journey from Brighton

Hi hi hi.

Just had my first lebkuchen of the year from Lidl’s. Yum yum yum. Also treated myself to a wee 79p pizza slice on the walk back from the vintage fair. Where I got a small jug, bit disappointing again tbh.

Been to the charity shop to drop some stuff off, now going to laze in bed with a Coke Zero for a wee bit and get painting the hallway :eyes:


If you can prise yourself away from Saudi Arabia v Poland, you might be able to see me just under (and in the way of) a black sign saying Norfolk Flooring Ltd :smiley:. Stage right, as it were.

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I lent someone my £4 jumper a while ago and I just got it back so I feel like I’m free get food down myself again without worrying so much about it

Just at the bus stop but it’s train replacement :pensive:



Just been watching @colon_closed_bracket on the telly



hopefully you’ll see more of me in the second half when the Linnets lay siege to the Stevenage goal


Hope that Exeter City wanker Jamie Reid gets sent off at least.

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The Stevenage boss is an easily angered chap, looks like he might develop a throbbing Raab vein. There’s a chap next to me sharing boomer Facebook memes, it’s the perfect cup day.


Steve Evans? He’s a notorious dickhead. Also a criminal/tax evader.


He used to manage local rivals Boston United apparently. The fans are enjoying his antics though.

Have a boomer meme anyway :blush:


That was a hilarious joke by the way. Normally it’s the other way round you see, I confounded your expectations and from thence humour arose.

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Haha I didn’t even notice :smile:

Got off my butt and did my little pilates routine for the 6th day in a row :muscle:


At a mosque open day, took a guided tour but it was just me with the guide (female friends were taken on a separate tour) and it was quite awkward so I’m hiding in the toilets

Those LIDL lebkuchen are the GOAT. It’s officially fine to start celebrating Christmas when they get them in (as opposed to Sainsbury’s doing it on 5 August) :christmas_tree::sparkler::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Came to Bents in the car:

  1. Should have walked
  2. Should have done what we normally do in the winter and come really early in the morning.

Massive error this

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Was planning to do some work as I’ve got a lot to do before the end of the month but i’m a bit ill so have just been watching itv’s football bonanza. Sun sets in an hour and a half smh