Sauces and condiments (Rolling..?)

I expected a response more in line with: “UR nozzle keeps getting clogged M8.”

Eating a lot of linghams atm


Excellent BBQ flavour with a decent spicy kick to boot. Recommended.

Can’t believe the galician tory is trying to claim coleslaw is a sauce (it’s a salad, obviously)

big fan of frank’s hot fucking sauce or whatever the fuck it’s called.

all these bbq efforts with a ton of sugar in can do one.


Might start using nozzle clogger as an insult.


Encona Hot Pepper is one of my All Time Sauces or Condiments.


Aye, it’s wondrous stuff. I use it as a cooking ingredient more than a sauce…

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This sauce is the best sauce. I’ve almost run out of it though :frowning:

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Encona original hot sauce is the spicy Heinz Ketchup. Just the total standard product of its type, but there’s no need to look elsewhere cos it’s so great.

Thanks this has been my TED talk

Encona always reminds me of getting back to my parents house years agi pissed and putting some on a pork pie. Cheers.

I’m the other way round.

Love, love, love that stuff, and this beautiful nectar too:


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Got this in my kitchen.


Japanese brown sauces are the Kings of all sauces.

Is it like brown sauce?

I solemnly agree. One of the most disappointing dining experiences of my life was a portion of chicken katsu I encountered in Glasgow*. It looked fantastic, but they’d covered it in fuckin’ HP instead of proper tonkatsu sauce. Utterly gutting.

*Can’t remember the restaurant’s name but it was near the Hydro & handy for that night’s gig :confused:

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Ohhhhh its katsu sauce?!

Did not know you could get it in a bottle like this. This is life changing.


@ me, hijo de p**a!!!

No, it was in the Rotunda - Yen, the internet says it’s called. I wasn’t expecting brilliance, but HP Sauce? Fuck right off.

Now I’m reminiscing about the short-lived Dome Of Discovery that occupied the South Rotunda many moons ago. Epic place for a school trip, that :slight_smile: