Saudi Arabia

What’s the craic then?

Initially liked the cut of this new lad’s jib, but now not so sure. Seems quite proactive on some issues, but y’know, Yemen and stuff.

How do people think it will play out? Might it all go tits up? Any good articles on it?

Particularly interested in the American involvement and anything on Trump/Prince Salman, and also anything on how it will or might effect relations with and between Qatar, Bahrain and the Emirate countries, etc…

Yemen Bon Iver

Their culture is incredibly hard to get your head round if you’re from the west. I tried and couldnt. Wouldn’t go back.

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I find the politics of the Middle East murky and very confusing.

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I find their human rights abuses, their willingness to execute people for such crimes as homosexuality and adultery, and so on to be a good reason to not touch them with a fucking barge pole.

I find it strange that western media are only now waking up to the power struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia that is being raged across the middle east. I was lucky enough to roadtrip Iran last year and the proxy war that they’re fighting against Saudi Arabia in Yemen was constantly on the news. Same with the proxy war being fought in Syria. Now it’s Lebanon.