Sauna Youth - Deaths



Sauna Youth have just announced their third, and by the sounds of it, last album :cry:

no track yet (though I’d assume there will be one soon) but they have announced an album release show and a couple dates with Protomartyr:


good news apart from the ‘final’ part


Says its there final in a trilogy of releases, not necessarily their final release?


I know it’s not necessarily but then it also says it’s called “Deaths” and is “about ending” and how they’re struggling to function as a full time band so I dunno reading between the lines it seems like that’s the suggestion. I bought a ticket to their London show anyway, I was at the album launch for Distractions at Hackney Baths and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to, I actually had a little bit of an outer body experience at one point.

It’s funny there’s a track called ‘Unreal City’, I wonder if Richard and Co covered my band :smiley:


Haha my complete inability to read subtext strikes again! Im going to see them in Liverpool with protomartyr, going to be slamming :fire::fire::fire: