Sauna Youth - Deaths

Sauna Youth have just announced their third, and by the sounds of it, last album :cry:

no track yet (though I’d assume there will be one soon) but they have announced an album release show and a couple dates with Protomartyr:

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good news apart from the ‘final’ part

Says its there final in a trilogy of releases, not necessarily their final release?

I know it’s not necessarily but then it also says it’s called “Deaths” and is “about ending” and how they’re struggling to function as a full time band so I dunno reading between the lines it seems like that’s the suggestion. I bought a ticket to their London show anyway, I was at the album launch for Distractions at Hackney Baths and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to, I actually had a little bit of an outer body experience at one point.

It’s funny there’s a track called ‘Unreal City’, I wonder if Richard and Co covered my band :smiley:

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Haha my complete inability to read subtext strikes again! Im going to see them in Liverpool with protomartyr, going to be slamming :fire::fire::fire:

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An emphatic YES to this!

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Looking forward to their launch show tonight, had my first couple spins of the record, it’s much starker than Distractions

But yaaaas the monotony song ‘Problems’ is on it! (Also their unreal city is not my unreal city)

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I enjoyed seeing them live supporting protomartyr but they weren’t the band I was expecting to be honest. With the stuff I’d listened to on Spotify it seemed like the majority of the vocals were quite yelpy male ones but they had the lady with the sampler front and centre on stage and in the mix doing the vast majority of the vocals which made them sound very different. Not better or worse just different.

I did enjoy the “unreal city” song a lot. Thought about an “alright t s Eliot!” at the end but thought better of it.

Love this band so much. Enjoyed the release show on Saturday evening and can’t wait to get stuck into the new record.

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Basically all the vocals are dual, Richard the drummer more or less does every line too

Going tonight. Will check them out :+1:

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Ah maybe it was the mix on Sunday? She sounded much more prominent. And he was much less yelpy than on record

Tbf the new album which I assume they played a lot of is less yelpy

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I usually hate yelpy bands but SY just manage to stay on the right side of it for me. Interested to hear the ‘less yelpy’ new one

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Surprised these guys are still going


Think this is gonna be their last

Hadn’t heard of them for a few years until this thread and i saw them a couple times in their early days and they just felt like one of those bands that would last 1-2 albums