Sausage Rolls

Really good scientific development. Pastry + meat (or meat substitute) + grease = tasty fun!
Obviously needs brown sauce to be truly complete and just plain is fine, no need for apple sauce or whatever in there too. The second best handheld foodstuff.


They’re good but the way people go on about Greggs being the pinnacle of sausage rolls is not right


They’re good for the price.


Manager made a bunch with chinese 7 spice. Deliscious

Made up for the fact i brought no lunch woth me today

Actually sometimes you see a honey mustard one, those are good.

The modern evolution of the pasty. Leave the pasty in the medieval era where it belongs

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GVSR is disgusting cold, often mouth burningly hot but when they’re the right temperature they’re an incredible snack for the value


That’s banter not cheekiness and it’s not welcome here.


Meat foodstuff with the best General vegetarian option quality parity

  • Sausage roll
  • Chicken nugget
  • Other

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it’s my true feelings :frowning:

I dunno if I really like sausage rolls that much but they are so cheap and easy in a pinch

Still feel sick thinking about school sausage rolls


Used to have a sausage roll sandwich at breaktime at school. 80p, 200% of your daily cholesterol


Never tried a GVSR but have Quorn nuggets instead of chicken all the time and they’re good.

They’re a completely different thing to a pasty though.

The best

Quite often make my own - ready rolled puff pastry and tube of sausagemeat. Worth it imo

Having said that - we don’t get greggs here but I treated myself to a trip to Iceland on sunday to pick up some frozen SRs. Was also worth it

They’re definitely the top two in the rankings (burger would be up there for the best veggie versions but there are a lot of bad ones too)

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This is true of all greggs savoury bakes. They should have heated cabinets imho


we’ve been down this road too many times before, let’s just leave it that sausage rolls are alright

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used to be well in to them but have eased off recently.

still absolutely love any meat/fake meat in pastry to be honest.

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Mayze in Finnieston do the best vgn sausage rolls