Sausage Rolls

reckon the greggs vegan is better than the ‘real’ sausage and would order it in preference.

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Very diplomatic, I like it.

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Hot dogs

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I would like to try one, I don’t know if they do vegan stuff in Northamptonshire

Only found a couple of good vegan sausage rolls (The Greggs ones absolutely aren’t one of them either). Plenty of decent nuggs around though.

They’re better cold and that’s a fact imo

Always have a bag of 50 cocktail sausage rolls in the freezer just as a back-up option.


One of the best things about working from home is that I’m just over the road from this sausage roll emporium

If i have 2 pack ill eat one cold and heat the other

Taking a big old cold sausage roll and sticking it right there in the microwave for a minute, so the pasty goes all oil soggy.

  • If anything it’s better than eating one fresh out of the oven
  • that’s grim, very nasty, YUCK! I do not like that

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Sos rolls are great. Never that keen on them cold, unless it’s the wee party ones you get at a buffet.

Greggs sausage rolls are excellent value for the price.

There’s a bakery near me that do incredible sos rolls. Proper good and tasty meat but also pastry they use is amazing which adds an extra level to the experience.

I’m ok with this

The hot one is better though


Shrewbie could you calm down a bit please.

In a way, sausage rolls are hot dogs which are sandwiches- would you agree funky?

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AS i have said before, average at best unless you have some salad cream to dip into in which case, dinner?

I’m sorry but this is absolute gobbledygook and you know that in our heart.


Apologies, the cheeky thread gave me ideas

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Duck no #teamshrewbie

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