Sausages (polls)


I walked past a chippy on the drive to the station this morning and there was a photo of a sausage and chips advertising well, sausage and chips I suppose.

The chips looked lovely, the sausage though… It had been browned across the top and the rest of it was just that grey colour where it’s been cooked, but would still be mighty rubbery the moment you bit into it. It made my stomach turn 270 degrees.

So, sausages, how do you like yours to be cooked?

  • Chargrilled - Cremated, preferably to the point of having a crunchy outside.
  • Nicely browned all around to a couple of shades lighter than natural poo colour.
  • Brown the top and bottom, cba with turning it more than once.
  • Brown the top and prepare rubber up that grub.
  • Grey and notably flacid.

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Furthermore - what sort of sausages do YOU like?

  • Richmond Irish pork sausages
  • Walls pork Sausages
  • Posho bangers from the butchers
  • Chippolatas
  • Frankfurters (ugh… not a proper sausage btw, just manufactured filth)
  • Cocktail sausages
  • A cumberland ring
  • Square sausage meat
  • A.N. Other (please describe in full)

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Bangers away!


Pork and apple oot o’ Tesco’s.


Sausages (rolls)



Darn. My pun was ill camouflaged, I see.


Sausage and mash = needs a posh/high-quality sausage
Sausage sandwich = cheap is best






Linda Mc veggie ones


I prefer cheap crappy sausages to good quality butchers ones and it makes me Pa incredulous


Lincolnshire :fist:



Richmond sausages taste more like bread than sausages




Preferred method of cooking snags:

  • Under the grill
  • In the oven
  • Fry 'em up in a pan
  • Other, weird option

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Usually go for Oven if the oven is on anyway (other night I did this as I was doing baked taters)

My cast iron skillet is the best for breakfast sausages etc though




Cauldron veggie ones.

Not great, but marginally better than linda m ones.

Quorn are despicable


Better than pretty much all meat ones for sure these are. Those Cauldron lincolnshire/cumberland ones are mightily decent too.


I’m going to have a crack at making my own vegan sausages this weekend geoff. What do you reckon of that?


I like them nicely browned, but I can’t be doing with comparing them with the colour of poo


Anything with 95% pork content minimum. Heck, Sainsbury’s taste the difference, hog sausages from my mum and dad’s butchers.


The bacon and maple syrup sausages from Brighton Sausage Co are amazing