Sausages (rolls)

good yeah?


Back in sixth form my standard lunch used to be three Greggs jumbo sausage rolls (three for a quid!). Happy days.

ooh yeah, microwaved sausage rolls from lidl were a key post-school snack

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Good hot with ketchup, but somehow also desperately sad?

I could eat anything in those days (still can, really). Limitless appetite. And I was skinny as a rake.

In my final year of university, it caught up with me. Woke up one morning and literally couldn’t get my trousers on. It’s been a battle ever since.

they do some amazing ones at the cafe here

Know the feeling m9. I now feel one step closer to a heart attack every time I eat a packet of crisps so I try not to think about the times I could eat an entire six pack and not even skip a meal.

Hot sausage roll dipped into cream of chicken soup. Hmm.

When I was a wee chubby young lad I used to have a sausage roll in a roll most breaktimes. Then Jamie Oliver did a thing.