Proper Merguez are beef and mutton could you have them?

Lindy Macs are obv the best sausages available.

Yes, maybe I will

Been buying some chorizo sausages recently, boiling them and having them on toast with sour cream and some chives or spring onion. Lovely stuff.

A deli near me has a thing on every Saturday morning where you can get a Polish, German, French or Spanish sausage (huge things) with braised rice for about a fiver. Bang loads of chutneys on it, couple of cold San Pellegrinos and it’s the best hangover cure going.


Would you prefer a sausage? :wink:

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This is wrong, Tilly. Cauldron are much better.



Linda for burgers, cauldron for sausages, quorn for chunks o shite


Twice the price and NOT twice as good IMHO

Are you oiling them prior to putting in the oven. To me it seems that you are not.

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Tell you wahat are megs=shit - Linda’s chorizo and red pepper sausages.

I do not oil my sausage, no.

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Ugh. Agreed.

TBH, although cauldron are the best available, they’re still disappointing. Not sure why you can get delicious veg burgers now, but veg sausages are still in the experimental stage. Can’t we get The boffins on the case or something.

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All of the above.

I’m glad saveloys weren’t mentioned, because they’re :face_vomiting:

chip shop saveloys are the devil’s dick :face_vomiting:

Waitrose used to a single banger for big bucks and was jam packed full of fat. Was probably the best but deadly.

(have you posted)

(No - will be doing so tomorrow. Hard work, isn’t it??)

(virtually impossible, managed it once in 2+ years)

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I’m getting a chippy tea later, fuck it.

Chips, peas, pudding and gravy, a can of fizzy vimto and a sausage for the walk home.

Ooooooooft, large_portion_YES!



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