Savages / Jehnny Beth

Does this mean no new Savages album soon?

2020 is only 113 days away.

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Yes but is it Jehnny Beth or Savages? I want a Savages record!

I’m sure I read something a while back suggesting that Savages were on a hiatus (very disappointing).

Don’t have sound atm: is this a song/sample?

Yes. It sounds good too… but it’s not Savages.

Is this the track that was on Peaky Blinders cause that thing was like a more industrial version of the track Adore Life. Moody AF

Yes. I believe so

Think Adore Life might be pushing my top ten of the decade, really great album. Surprised it’s been three years already,


Iikewise. I love that album.

It’s not Savages standard is it! :confused:

Ugly link. Hope it works. Basically Jehnny Beth at Peckham Audio on Saturday 7th March.

Oh. Link came out nice.

Only been Peckham Audio once before. Brilliant venue.

So, I’m probably alone on this, but the album’s a it of a disappointment, no?


I quite like Savages but this gets worse every time I hear it. the only thing lodging in my brain are terrible lyrics. Her voice doesn’t suit a lot of the material, sonically it’s a mess and there’s no tunes unfortunately.

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I’ve listened to one and a half times and thought it sounded pretty bad. Doubt I’ll return to it sadly

Totally agree. Really loved Savages two albums but don’t like anything about the music on this and the Artwork looks terrible.

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Yeah the artwork isn’t good, it’s a bit like that Marilyn Manson album cover for ‘Mechanical Animals’. Like him, I think she’s an artist that isn’t as transgressive or experimental as she thinks she is. It’s a shame, I read her interview with The Quietus the other day and she talks a great record, I was quite excited to hear it but it really falls short for me.


Only Jez from Peep Show would be impressed by this.


have to add her new single to the list of tunes that make me turn 6music off when they come on. Truly awful.

I wonder how many of us were thinking this but waiting for someone to say it. A lot apparently :slight_smile: