Savages / Jehnny Beth

Does this mean no new Savages album soon?

2020 is only 113 days away.

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Yes but is it Jehnny Beth or Savages? I want a Savages record!

I’m sure I read something a while back suggesting that Savages were on a hiatus (very disappointing).

Don’t have sound atm: is this a song/sample?

Yes. It sounds good too… but it’s not Savages.

Is this the track that was on Peaky Blinders cause that thing was like a more industrial version of the track Adore Life. Moody AF

Yes. I believe so

Think Adore Life might be pushing my top ten of the decade, really great album. Surprised it’s been three years already,


Iikewise. I love that album.

It’s not Savages standard is it! :confused: