Save Stereogum compilation

Obviously don’t want them to go under, but Stereogum seems pretty pointless to me. Part of a run of post Pitchfork sites/blogs that follow P4K’s tastes to the letter without ever showing any ability to discern decent music of their own

Along with Pitchfork they’re very good for new album news so I’d want them to stick around for that alone

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It’s important these kinds of sites keep going, because there’s actually barely any music websites left that aren’t P4K, and a lot of small/medium sized artists rely on them to get word out about things.

I do really like popping in once a week and get a lot of news from there. Funny without being arsey, occasionally interesting comments section, really wide range of stuff covered, the artists seem to genuinely love it too.

They are good at banging out a quick review for the PE’s & I do like stuff like the rap column they do weekly.

As others have said too, there’s barely anything left.

I go there all the time, helps while away the work hours. Have discovered loads of stuff through them and the monthly jazz column is really good. Not really interested in a covers album although they’ve got a solid list of contributors

Maybe they used to be? I feel like they kind of separated though when Gum became more reliably alt/indie and Pitchfork started branching out

This feels very Pitchfork to me

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Might buy a t-shirt. Way more reliable than Pitchform for years with more niche stuff covered and also the excellent No. 1s column.

Shame about the comments section for the most part. Some insights there but some truly embarrassing shit there too.

No idea if anyone else pledged for this but it’s out now for those who did anyway

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I did but I haven’t listened to it yet - here’s the tracklist:

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is that Mary Lattimore covering Feeder?

I’ve got this on now. There are a lot of songs on there where I’m not familiar with the original.

Brian Eno apparently

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Greg Dulli covering GZA???

The Rostam cover is very good reminds me of Rough Going on the album with Hamilton Leithauser. Which is catnip for me.

covering Ed Harcourt, sorry!

I’m enjoying this although I’m surprised/worried at just how few of the songs I recognise. :grimacing: