Save the snails

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Always poke them, you can’t go picking anything up without warning, can you?


No, don’t kill 'em!

Collect them up and sell them to a fancy French restaurant. :fork_and_knife::snail:

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Bloody love snails.


This is great. Very oddly I did think after writing this thread and was feeling happy for potentially saving the snail, this.

What if it was on its way to a snail party and had taken 2 hours to get halfway across the road, then I go and pick it up and move it back to its original starting point.

Snail is potentially livid.

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Save the Snails
Free the Bees


Release the hounds.

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New episode of Do You Know? was part about snails. Snails are very good.


Remember that kid who died after eating or licking one for a dare? Might have been a slug actually.

Sad that people are killing them, they’re just trying to get by too :slightly_frowning_face:

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So sad. CW death from eating slug:


Horrible, I once saw someone do the exact same thing as a dare, had no idea it could potentially be that dangerous. Also can’t get my head around how he looks like two different people before and after but I suppose that’s brain injuries for you.

not a massive fan of snails, slugs or iphone users, but please don’t be mean to them just because they are different. we are meant to get along.


Slugs aren’t snails.

Just a reminder.

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This is one of the best nature photos I have ever seen.


Seems like a lot of snail and slug death just so you don’t have share eating your dahlias with them. Couldn’t you just buy them from the florist for a quick snack on the go and let snails live?

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What about puppy dog’s tails?

Used to regularly hear the odd crunch walking back home at night on damp days back in London due to the path having no lights. Always felt really guilty.

I asked a naturalist friend hopefully if snails could grow their shells back. His response was, “Would it help if I told you they did?” :cry:

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For anyone squeamish about picking a snail up from your garden and hurling it into the road, think of it less like the callous murder of a member of a completely unendangered species that is artificially boosted by human gardening and more like lovingly preparing a delicious dinner for a cute little hedgehog or a lovely thrush.

Fucking awful thing to post.