Savers Brand Stuff

The Morrisons Savers Bran Flakes are better than Kelloggs.

Sainsbury’s Cheap digestives are better than McVities

Loads of Aldi things are brilliant

Tesco cornflakes are banging.

And fruit and fibre, but the regular stuff, not value.

Sainsbury’s digestives are beyond terrible.

Cheap biscuits in general are great though.

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Pretty much everything from Aldi or Lidl is excellent. I really like Lidl spaghetti loops.

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Sainsbury’s basic tortilla chips chef kiss emoji


not sure I can behind your last sentence there but yeah cheap ketchup is really bad

said it before and I’ll say it again,

for the price, bourbon biscuits are the greatest thing you can buy. 50p for an entire packet!


I can name far too many of those Aldi-lite fake brands that Tesco now use in lieu of their value range:

Stockwell and Co
Roswell (Boswell?) Farms
Molly’s Chocolate (or something)
Grower’s Harvest
Bay Fishmongers

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The Aldi fish comes from the same supplier as m&s and Waitrose fyi


Aldi fish / meat / deli / dairy is all easily as good as anywhere else. If they did click and collect I’d be all over that.

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Up here shortbread is close behind.

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custard creams are good for that.

There’s another thing that I like to claim is the best value for money, cheap thing but i’ve forgotten it

Oh yeah. Old Rosie. Not a savers brand though i’m afraid.

i like the cheap olives

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Brilliant in puttanesca sauce

Kids prefer Lidl and Aldi chocolate hoops to Weetos.

All the Aldi cereals are good tbh tbf

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All bran flakes taste the same. And yes, I’ve had every variety.

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All bran flakes.

Doesn’t belong here but… recently, been getting those blueberry wheats things (from co-op). Pretty unhealthy due to sugar content but so nice.