Saves the Day

Apologies for hijacking the Glassjaw thread! Let’s talk Saves the Day. Best song, worst song, cringiest lyric, why it’s weird that Chris Conley isn’t 17 anymore etc

Through Being Cool > Stay What You Are > Can’t Slow Down > Daybreak > Sound the Alarm > Saves the Day > Under the Boards > In Reverie

Stay What You Are is just proper full of bangers

shame Chris Conley seems a bit of a self important twat


What? What gave you that idea? Yeah he totally is


The last decade has been full of filler, but In Reverie the best? Really?

I seriously love it and rank it higher than the rest of their (patchy) output. I remember when it came out and everyone (well, my other 16 y o friends) was all “STD aren’t pop punk anymore, the chords are all weird and they think they’re the Beatles now, eww” and I just instantly loved it as a departure from SWYA

Thought these lyrics were dead cool at the time too! There are a few songs on there where the lyrics really jar with the music.

Lets call it off
ive had enough of the games
if you could see into me
all my veins are tangled up
tied in knots

My heart beats slowly now,
it’s emptying into the streets
Swirling straight away down the drains back to sea

Loads of the pop punk/emo bands of the time went through a Beatles discovery phase, eg The Get Up Kids with On a Wire, and they basically all sucked. I love the song anywhere with you (oooo) though

So many STD lyrics are super cringeworthy though, eg Cars and Calories etc

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Haha you are absolutely on the money but alas I love On A Wire too :slight_smile: “Walking On A Wire” popped up on my running playlist yesterday! Funnily enough my Mrs loves In Reverie from back in the day too, and we didn’t meet until we were in our 20s. Can’t both be wrong surely :wink:


don’t know much of their stuff, probably should give them a proper go, but have loved At Your Funeral for years.

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Can you listen to In Reverie and report back to me & @braintrust so we have a definitive answer please

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I’ll back On a Wire too. It’s a good album.


I even like Campfire Kansas, imagine that! :grinning:

Haha, me too, I feel like I get tricked by any song with that chord progression. I’ve always thought “The Worst Idea” is one of their best songs.


On a Wire had it’s moments, eg Walking on a Wire, Stay Gone, etc, but Campfire Kansas? Really? Although I do like how people ask Matt Pryor to play it solo and he gets annoyed :slight_smile:


I have the Reggie & The Full Effect album on vinyl too, I imagine requesting any of that goes down badly too!

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will do

Through Being Cool is a masterpiece, everything else ranges from “good” to “fine”