Savings and cost of living thread!111

Now that we have decided this place is completely fucking boring, let’s go FULL BORING with a thread about SAVINGS and COST of LIVING!!1

But safari, I find these things extremely interesting. Well, you should kill yourself, but before you do, this thread is for you!

Polls to follow (Anonymous)!1!


the cost of living in the racist, grey cesspool that is England is far too high, I think.


I have savings of (combined with partner, if applicable)

  • £30-100k+ (Daddy Warbucks)
  • £10-30k (Daddy Battlebucks)
  • £5-10k (Daddy Starbucks)
  • £2-5k (Daddy Buckfast)
  • £1-2k (Daddy Lendussomemoney)
  • £200-1k (Daddy Imscared)
  • Minus the money (Daddy’s Disappointed)

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Daddy Buckfast


If I were to lose my job tomorrow I would survive

  • Many years due to all that money!
  • A year, but what a year!
  • 1 or so months, frantically looking for work
  • 1 week, frantically looking for any work
  • 1 day, looking frantic
  • I mean, I would survive, on the streets. I wouldn’t die or anything jeez calm down

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I spend on rent and bills

  • 80-100% of my money as I AM London
  • 60-80%
  • 40-60%
  • 20-30%
  • Less than 20%

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This thread so far has been

  • As boring and awful as I thought it would be
  • More boring and awful than I thought it would be
  • I’m still uncomfortable you jokingly told people to kill themselves in the OP
  • A great spin on a thread we have already had on DiS, multiple times. Thank you safari. Thank. You.

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Are you counting house equity as savings?

No I am not marckee. I mean, how quickly can you release equity from your house? I’m talking immediate access to CASHMONEYPAYTHEMANNOW

Okay, my answers still stand then.

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No 30-40 option. GOOD ONE.


=> marckee lives in a very well designed hole in the ground.

I can’t really think of any more polls but feel 4 isn’t enough for a poll thread

  • I like money,me
  • Not bothered with it tbh mate
  • How come when I go to the cinema there are literally NO films I want to see, but in the months before when I can’t go there are loads?!

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I’m about £5k in debt (the real sort not the fancy dan student type) so anything I save is going to pay that off, unfortunately.

Luckily where I live the cost of living is very low, though the wages are too. My room in a shared flat plus all utilities and internet only costs me around 30% of my wage, which is nice.

God this is boring

I’ve suddenly reached a point in life when I can waste lots of time at work trying to work out how soon I can retire. Necessary obviously, because work sucks, but also quite uplifting. If you can suspend disbelief with all the plans to eat nothing but beans for the rest of your life, just the slightest hint that there might be light at the end of the tunnel can be a real boost. This requires a lot of money calculating though, but I’m a numbers guy so that counts as fun in my book.

Money’s a pile of wank, but not having to worry about it day to day is enormously freeing (and enormously privileged, obvs).

think I would always want a job of some kind. Obviously not full time. Like 2 days a week, maybe 3

pensions should work in reverse, money when you’re young and then work when you’re older (because you need a reason to keep on going)


I’m going to worry about these details once I’ve spent a year getting up whenever the fuck I want.

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I can’t use all the retirement fantasy up yet. I reckon in a couple of years I’ll start compiling a list of cruises to go on. Also looking forward to becoming a neighbourhood busybody.