Savings questions

Couple of questions:

  1. for those of you who have savings - are they with a mainstream bank/building society or have you gone with some name off moneysavingexpert / moneysupermarket?

  2. have you used an independent financial adviser? Worth the hassle?

If any of you have got specific expertise in this area and fancy acting as a sounding board for me then feel free to DM me.

I have given all our savings to our solicitor :disappointed_relieved:

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I use a good quality old-fashioned safety razor and change the blade after 4 or 5 goes.

I prefer gel over foam or oil.


i keep them in a big plastic bottle in the living room

Alright, Epimer

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Just a savings account with my bank - I don’t think there’s much interest to be earned anywhere on what I can put away, so I go with what’s easiest.

Get use of a free financial advisor through work, not used it once yet.

Relentlessly save a third of my wages each month due to abject fear. I just keep them in my current account like a ridiculous dweeb.

did NOT expect this from you. Disappointed


I don’t even know if that’s good or bad anymore

You used to be cool.


I used to not have enough money to eat

Sell out!

  1. “day to day” savings just in a bog-standard tesco account for ease and so they’re not tied down

  2. yes, my dad.

We’ve got all our savings in an Offset mortgage account . It works far better than any measly interest savings account or ISA.

Yeah here’s the issue: I was thinking of using the money to pay off a chunk of our mortgage. But we are on such a low interest rate (BoE + 0.75%) that it barely seems worth it. But then savings accounts aren’t much better. so ASCII_shrug

Got 2 savings accounts just with the same bank I use for my current accounting. Could piss around and try and find a better rate but ultimately that would get me, with my pitiful savings, about an extra what £150 over a year? Not really worth it.

After this year might reinvest it all as Premium Bonds again for a year.

Something about paying off your mortgage when the rates are low, liking making hay whilst the sun shines. Is that a thing?

I think our mortgage is 2.19%. Benefits of the offset over just overpaying is we can get the money back when we want.

Still even if the interest rates are low I still want shot of the mortgage ASAP.

First Direct 5% interest rate. You have to have your current account with them too though.

Just spend £10k on lottery tickets

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