Savings thread #ssp

Would be interested to know about savings, anon. My mother has told me often how much i could have had by now if i saved a percentage of my paycheck since my first job and it is depressing, i would definitely have had enough for a healthy deposit on a flat and more, and as it stands, i do not, and feel very guilty about my laissez-faire attitude towards money and my pathetically breezy “I’ll just earn more” attitude that will probably see me destitute one day

  • 0 - 500
  • 500-999
  • 1k-3k
  • 5-9k
  • 10k-15k
  • 16-20k
  • 21-25k
  • 26-30k
  • 31-40k
  • 41-50k
  • 51+

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Like a flat £0. Nada, nothing, zilch.


Which obviously is a very good thing to think about


I’m obviously surrendering a bit of anonymity here, but my savings amount is grossly distorted at the moment by the profit I made on selling my flat and the limitations of how much I can overpay per year on my current mortgage.

Most of what’s in my savings account is earmarked to go on paying the maximum I can as soon as our remortgage process is completed.

Ive answered personally here. no idea how much/if any my dearest partner has saved (or not)

Same here.

I set up a saving account for m to put her £80 a month child benefit into and every single month i transfer it back to my account the next day to cover rent :poop:

One in three DiSers have £25k+ in the bank. Crikey.


20% have over £51k swimming about in a savings account. Bunch of Daddy Warbucks round here!


Folks, friendly reminder that this is an ssp thread.


My issue with saving money is that because I’ve never really had any my value of it’s distorted. As soon as I have any real savings I lose motivation to work, which is sad. If I’ve got say, two grand in the bank my brain tells me to pull a few sickies. If I had some of the figures mentioned in the poll I’d 100% stop working. Fair play to people who stay motivated when they’ve got a year or two’s wages stashed away, I couldn’t do it. Even if it was in bricks and mortar I’d just sell up and doss about.

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Speaking personally, x% of not much made for most of my career was still not much. I used to have a contingency of a couple grand inheritance that I tried to keep topping up because I was moving every year at least and kept getting fucked over on deposit. A redundancy 3 years ago wiped that out too when I went 5 months between jobs.
It’s only since a pay rise paired with a house purchase (which I was lucky that my other half contributed the lions share of deposit) that I’ve been able to start having meaningful savings.

I am one of the ones who selected one of the higher amounts and it’s entirely due to having been privileged enough to be able to move back in with my parents for an extended period of time while working full time, and also to have been supported by them while studying. I can’t take any credit for it, it happened by accident really.

I also think I don’t conceptualise money well enough to think “that’s a lot, I should spend it” or “that’s not enough, I should save more”, so it would never occur to me to stop working no matter how much I had.

Fair enough. I wasn’t suggesting anyone explain their savings or anything like that. When I posted…

…it was more in relation to my own finances. Genuinely just found it quite surprising given, as much as we joke about it, the average age of these boards is quite low and most people went to uni, etc.

Apologies. It’s quite a useful exercise this. Didn’t mean to temporarily divert it towards debate.


fwiw didn’t take it as accusatory or anything – think savings and debt and spend always quite awkward for the british to talk about without feeling like they need to caveat or apologise etc… part of our culture innit :smiley:


Don’t worry, I wasn’t taking it as a debate, just wanted to give an illustration of how much can be due to chance rather than necessarily being good with money or “”“successful”"" in the stereotypical sense

yep. lucky breaks, and lucky demographic to capitalise on that etc.


Some polls, anon just in case

I have a savings goal that I am working towards hitting, ie a single lump sum

  • Yes
  • No

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I regularly save a certain % or amount of my salary each pay day

  • That’s me
  • More like “whatever’s left over”

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My savings have come from a different source eg inheritance or house sale

  • Yes
  • Not mine
  • Some not all
  • Mostly

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I know how much is in my pension pot and have an idea of how it’ll pay out eventually

  • True
  • False

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I often think about my future financial situation and feel

  • Happy
  • Worried
  • Like I have a plan
  • Neutral
  • I don’t think about it

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closest thing i’ve done for savings is set my overdraft to automatically reduce by £20 a month. cant really afford to comfortably do that but it’s happening now.

love how they’re always like “oh no youve been in your overdraft for years. are u ok?? :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: xox…but we’re going to keep charging you :pleading_face::pleading_face: have you tried to be paid more”


I’ve split the above posts out of the monthly outgoings thread on request of some of the users


Hoping to get 10k saved by end of year. Coming up to half that when I get paid.
Doesn’t mean I’m well off at all, I live ridiculously meagrely really out of fear of no safety net because I have nothing to fall back on really if things go pear shaped, and save as much as humanely possible. Realise that’s still a privilege as I have nobody relying on me directly.