Savoury foods that are best eaten on their own

Would you just SHUT UP about Harry Potter for five fucking minutes please


Pickled onions.


I sometimes refer to “the boy who lived” as HP Sorce (HP stands for Harry Potter and Sorce is short for “sorcery”)


By their very nature they are ineligible for this thread.

Full English

I agree, they are fine on their own.

However. I sometimes cut one in half, pop the egg out and use the back of spoon to spread a dash of English mustard in the exposed meaty cave, then put the egg back in and enjoy.

sounds like a lot of faff but i’m interested

Save it for Thursday pal.

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Nuts (those that don’t need salt or other seasoning)

God no.

Stick some cheese on it fella.

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alright stewart lee

Are you following me on Instagram or is that a really conicedental comment?

cheese cubes


Come on mate, you wanna be dipping that in something.

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Hmm. You might be right. Ok then. Cheese straws

No. I imagine it’s a fairly widely held opinion.