Saw Gino D'Acampo incredulous about Christmas Dinner the other day

He was saying I don’t understand why you pile the plate up with loads of different things and then pour gravy all over it anyway so it all just tastes of gravy.

He’s right isn’t he really?

  • Yeah kind of but I’ll still keep eating that garbage
  • No he’s fucking wrong
  • Not sure

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He gets incredulous over anything now for the viral video possibilities. Same witb Holly and Phil giggling


If you have a damn good gravy, who cares what you’re eating with it. Gravy soup with some bread rolls for dipping?

I tend to be quite circumspect with my gravy usage so I sort of agree with him.


If my grandma had wheels she’d be a Christmas dinner


Thieving cunt.


8f you drown your food in sauce it tastes of sauce but surely you don’t smother all your food in it so…

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Just want to have Christmas dinner now

I’m not understanding half of these post but they’re making me laugh either way.

I don’t have gravy on my Christmas dinner

If it’s gravy and your Nan on wheels it’s still ‘The Christmas Dinner’!

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This is absolutely nonsense.

If I put a layer over gravy over, let’s say a potato, it’s still 90% a potato, and the flavours of the potato

What a chump

He knows he’s wrong.