Saw some emo kid in my place of work


and he said ‘Raaawwwr’ to a girl walking by who obviously didn’t know him.

What is this shit?



is he going to get HR’ed within a week?


Well he’s a student so probably not

I’ve worded a pretty terrible thread very badly, granted.

Lets just use this to chat. How are you @xylo



I’m alright :slight_smile:

ongoing stuff with my dad is turning me a bit insane as it’s sort of a crawling finish to an inevitable sad end, and looking after mum during it is taking up my life at present.

HOWEVER i have what is shaping up to be a really good July ahead, so focussing on that as a way of getting through bad things.

How are you dude?


Sorry to hear that, bud. When my grandad died it was a bit of a relief more than anything. Everyone said it would hit me but it never really has.

Good to hear - lots of freelance projects pretending to be on phones I hope? Stick to what you’re good at eh?

Yeah good cheers, moving into a house with a mate of mine as it’ll save bare dollar and he’s never there, but my god what a ballache to sort out moving house. JFC.


moving house is the utter fucking worst. on the other hand i for nearly a year lived somewhere with a never-there housemate and it was absolutely the best. first time i’d ever felt like i could think about anything properly at home.

obviously many freelance projects. can’t get enough. i’ll freelance you if there’s anything going


I thought this thread was started by you (on mobile) and thought it was going to have a terrible/obvious payoff