Saw thewarn on TV last week


Wound up watching a lot of daytime TV when I was sick last week, will devote another thread to Undercover Boss, but I saw one episode of Come Dine With Me and DiS’s very own thewarn was on it! And he won!


I think this thread should be dedicated to all those DiSers who have been on tv so they can post various clips, gifs, screenshots.

@imaperv @roastthemonaspit @Aggpass etc etc etc

I have never been on tv. Sorry.


Screen grabs didn’t exist when I was on TV


Also, @chris_is_cool


and @TheWza


i was shown on Jeremy Kyle on the audience. they’d made it so I looked like I was laughing at one of Jezza’s put downs. I wasn’t.


Why on hells earth did you go on Jeremy Kyles show!?!? :joy: Were you paid to sit in the audience??


nah it was free! it was the most boring show ever though, one of the stories was a woman scared of herself being sick.

he is such a dick in real life too, before it started he came out and did a little shtick and it was just unfunny and a bit uncomfortable tbh


me headbanging to ATD-I in the front row

self explanatory




I’ll see if I can sort something out later on.


was a guest judge on a daytime cooking tv show 6 years ago




AAAAHHH!!! AMAZING Look at YOU!! Wait wait…


I was on the BBC news a while back but I can’t find the clip


Ah, found it! About 25 seconds in

Pre-beard, looking a bit like a knackered new dad. Wearing possibly the scruffiest hoodie I owned at the time




Famously performed on SMTV live

Doesn’t appear to exist online though


It’s really bad but I can’t remember her name. Jean? Sue? Something like that.

(I’m a bit further on, obvs)