Saw this poster at Bermondsey station today

Who can guess what question started monopolising my thoughts whilst looking at it?

“What the fuck am I doing in Bermondsey!?”


What about if they’re evil?

how long is his right arm?


I could see it from the tube carriage. Obviously I would never disembark in Bermondsey.

How can you slice a metaphysical concept?

Oh wow! I thought maybe someone might ace it straight away, but I was hoping to get lucky!

Yes. Occam’s razor.

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I saw posters for that regularly. Some of them have the tall lad from the inbetweeners on, but even he is too bigtime for the show and only needs to do 1 performance or something.

Now David Hasslehoff pretending to spill coffee in the 9 to 5 poster, that’s an ad I can get behind.

I notice there are other versions of that poster where the slightly disturbing mass of fingers are obscured.

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‘I would fucking love to get in a sesh with that pair’?

haha, my second guess was going to be that shouldn’t food servers(?) have long hair tied back?!

How are they going to get that pastry to an even thickness when they’re not looking at what they’re doing?

Why is a waitress doing a pastry chef’s job anyway?

why does a commercial kitchen have the kind of cupboards you would find a domestic kitchen?

why have they left a big white space underneath it?

Why is nothing written on the order tickets in the background?

Is she about to sneeze in his face?

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Starting to wish I hadn’t allowed myself to become so preoccupied with the arm length thing now. So much more to question.