"say a nice thing" thread

I can’t believe how smart and interesting all the people on DiS are, every single one of you has knowledge in a cool or niche field or works an amazing job I could never imagine myself doing or creates great works of art. You’d think in most communities there would be some lousy or boring people but I can’t think of anyone here who fits that description.

Say a nice thing in the “say a nice thing” thread!


@zxcvbnm cracks me up


You lot make me laugh on a consistent basis throughout my shitty day.

@Epimer generally says exactly what I’m thinking. @Witches makes everything sound brilliant, even if it’s just eating soup or something. @Bamnan makes great music.


you’ve made some great threads in your time here casserole!


I only pretend to like @zxcvbnm cause of the non facebook club

I’m learning some videogame stuff at the moment but it’s hard and my heart isn’t in it right now. It’s making me doubt my ability and desire to make music which is a bummer

Awwwwwww. Thanks mistersteve :blush: how lovely!!! That has made my day.

I think @bugduv is funny


@epimer makes me feel a little better about my current bowel situations at all times


Tough to do anything if your heart’s not in it, friend. Don’t stress.

Some famous person (can’t remember who) said you should never make music unless you absolutely have to. If you’re not feeling it, wait until you are and do it then! Play Halo!

I’m not very clever soI want to be clear: you’re saying he is full of shit?

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that’s a good quote. I did feel the urge for my last album and now I’m kind of forcing myself to do it to feel productive. Maybe it can wait for another day.

I’ve been almost completely problem-free since being careful about lactose and getting some counseling, but I’ve got a reputation to live up to.

Still pretty, pretty farty though.

Genuinely very pleased to hear it! I am relatively problem free too since going vegan and I think it was down to the insane amount of dairy I used to consume cause I didn’t really eat meat anyway.

I’m way more farty.

Maybe don’t reply to this but I can’t imagine what it is I do that you think is worthy in any way.

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@anon29812515 is still here and contributing greatly to our little online community

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@andyvine has come to bed eyes and a stay in bed smile


you created the Real life dissing topic! That’s a total classic.

Also you’re a nice loving person who has always been helpful and friendly to me so big up to you!

what happened to Balonz? Did he get arrested for wanking with a toothbrush or something?


He’s still here dammit! Right @anon29812515? Right? RIGHT?