Say hello to the Thursday night thread!

Hello everyone!

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What do you think of this frog I painted

  • Good and kind fellow
  • Don’t like the cut of this frog’s jib
  • Other

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Aside from painting frogs in overalls im really sleepy, not sure this is a good thing, have been sleeping from 4-5hrs a night to 10-12 within a week :flushed:


The frog has very BMO energy


Hello all. Has anyone got any experience with over the counter sleeping tablets? Having a bit of a shitty time with things just now and spending full days in a haze and lying in bed awake for hours before getting about three hours of sleep if I’m lucky.

I know I could go to the doctors about it but if there’s something effective out there that I can get my hands on quickly then I’d like to give it a go.

Might get a pizza tonight. Or a Chinese. Can’t make my mind up.

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Hello folks :wave:

It’s still light out! Huzzah! How is everyone doing? I hope you’re all as well as can be :heart:

I am going to paint this evening. I bought some sparkling new Gouache paints the other day so I’m looking forward to giving those a whirl :woman_artist::paintbrush:

@avocado I love your froggy friend :frog:



Can I write the children’s book that this frog clearly features in?

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Just had to put on some skinny trousers for the first time in a year so I could do a wash of all my regular ones. These feel actually alien to me now, how did I wear these to work??

Tell me what events are/are not occurring for all your faces


@moderators please zap my thread before anyone posts in it


Literally seconds in it. My body initially just said “hello” but I got a message saying it needed to be more than ten characters, and in changing that you beat me to it

I knew the bribes to Sean would work in my favour eventually


Next 20th Century Society lecture, Nottingham tonight. The slightly eccentric lady who usually hosts is actually doing it tonight, she’s great.

Dunno after that. Been watching that Netflix doc about the cult in Oregon in the 1980s, probably some more of that.

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What sort of things do they cover?

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We’ve had lamb served in lentil wraps with spicy tahini. They were good.

I’ve got a class to prepare for tomorrow morning because I had some meetings to attend and some computer games to play during my work day.

Pasta bake
Is MasterChef on? If so, that.

Nice early night I guess. Mad tired.

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Fried gnocchi for dinner tonight. It’s new to me, but it’s cooking now and I’ll report back later

Basically just a zoom lecture on notable buildings and developments of the 20th century

There’s a whole series at the moment on major cities.


Hope everyone is having a good evening!

Had to do a work quiz for my team but everyone liked it and said it was very fun so now I feel accepted and good.


Was it work specific or general knowledge? If the latter you should host a dis quiz, we haven’t done one of this for a while.