Say you go to an Indian restaurant and you want a non-nan flatbread. What're you getting?

  • Roti
  • Chapatti
  • Paratha
  • Kulcha
  • Other
  • Not on Breadbook mate
  • Not on GoingToIndianRestaurantsBooks mate.

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Hey just realised that the word loaf comes from leavened which comes from the French word for yeast, levain.

Bread etymology chat



depends on the meal, obviously


Chicken Maryland & chips

Different flatbreads for different needs


Parathas can be too hit and miss for my liking. Enjoy a puri / fried chapatti when it’s done well.

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this would never happen

i will never not want a naan


bhatoora maybe

or one of the others, gotta be open to anything

They should open an Indian restaurant in the largest town in Warwickshire and call it Naaneaten.


Never heard of these. Up for giving them a go.

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Sometimes I like to just order a naan and a tub of a curry sauce and forget about the rest.


Would never have thought Nuneaton would be bigger than Leamington or Rugby.

Like a roti from time to time as a change. Very hard not to go for a naan though.

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I’ll tell you what - when it comes to making flatbread chapati has to be the best bread out there in the effort/reward stakes. So easy, so tasty.

Batura and sheikh kebab plate from pretty much anywhere off the main high street

Chef kisses fingers

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Lots of Ghurka/Nepalese curry houses in Nuneaton and that part of the world. Had a banging Hiriyali (sp? the one with mint in it) the other day.

Do enjoy a sheikh kebab wrapped in a roti. Nearly ended myself when Mirch Masala in Tooting appeared on Deliveroo. :tired_face:

Outstanding fact :+1:

We used to get taken up to Brilliant in Southall by a mate’s dad for a free curry. Mind opening to what actual Indian food was.

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Your choice from the bread bar: