Say you had some stolen goods right



How would you shift them for profit? Would taking them to a cash converters work?

Asking for a friend.


gumtree or carboot


gumtree/ebay with a slightly wrong description


Certainly wouldn’t post about it on a public forum - they are watching.


Id shift them before PC Reg Hollis and DC Jim Carver caught me


I’m assuming this is a typo and you’re talking about stollen right?

Should be easy enough to shift in a festive market type environment at this time of year


Yes. That is what I meant. I’m up to me eyeballs in stollen goods.


Do you think they know what Gumtree is?


What you looking to shift, boss?


meat/dvds - Pub
electricals - gumtree
car - dunno
bike - dunno


Quality goods.


I’ll sell them on for you so they cant trace it and then you give me a 50/50 cut cheers


Nice try, narc.


I’ve got some swollen goods all right :eggplant:


What about art

Let’s say you had acquired some art by not entirely legal means which you had had for say…16 years & you wanted to liquidate

How would you do that?


Car boot sale


Beware of selling on eBay/gumtree

Friend had a very expensive bike stolen from his house. Searched eBay and gumtree and a few weeks later the bike turned up on gumtree in a different town about 50 miles away. Posed as a buyer and got the thief to meet him (and the police) at a neutral location. Guy couldn’t be done for burglary but did get done for handling stolen goods.


Want to swap it for some juicy steaks and a Star Trek boxset?



Meat can also be sold Door to door if you
Shove it in a plastic bag.

Mate who lives in Barking gets this a lot at his door.

DVDs defo the pub.