Say you were gonna bash out some breaded mushrooms


Nice accompaniment to a steak eh? But would you peel the mushrooms before egg and breadcrumbing them or would you just wipe the pricks down?


I’d probably be following a recipe and do what it told me.




you want to brown them


Who actually peels mushrooms?


Gonna golden brown the shit out of them son.

(reckon saying Gordon Brown instead of Golden Brown would work in a cooking context? I know for a fact it works in a The Stranglers context)


Your boy Tone usually…


Fuck that for a bag of breaded mushrooms


you’ve outed yourself here


As a cool and nice friend to the community?


do you ever peel mushrooms?

  • Obviously not
  • I am a tory

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peel me a mushroom, boy


Wipe/wash. Don’t peel.

Don’t forget to coat lightly in flour before dipping them in egg


Thank you, friend.


How can you even peel mushrooms?? That’s not a thing


You can peel anything if you think positively!


A sitdown peeing mushroom peeler! That’s quite the CV!*
*I often sit down pee at home because who doesn’t like a nice sitdown, eh?





Yes lads!