Saying 'bless you'

  • Never say it. To hell with you all.
  • Say it for family and friends
  • Say it for family, friends and colleagues
  • If someone’s near me pretty much at all, and no one else has said it, i’m saying it

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Say it to strangers sometimes.


Would say it in an interview or if comforting someone I didn’t know who had just been bereaved within the last 25 minutes.


Don’t get irate if you sneeze and no one says it. You fucking loon


I sometimes say “God bless you” in a creepy way


that’s an entirely different poll noah and you KNOW IT


I literally can’t say it, don’t like being rude but just have a strong aversion to saying it


I have some sort of brain malfunction around bless you. I hate saying it always have. it’s not rational. Some guy at work gets huffy if you don’t bless him as he sneezes grow up tbh. Me and him both.


So yeah would say it if the person is the type to get huffy or if I felt like saying it would make me fit in better. :’(


do you not believe evil spirits leave the body when you sneeze then?


I’m agnostic on that issue


my life hack (yes!) for those at work who wear headphones and sneeze.
After sneezing, wait a second or so and then say “thank you” working on the premise that someone will have said “bless you”
Then had my headphones off and sneezed one time though and nobody said anything, so this life hack (yes!) is not 100% foolproof


but actually if you say thank you it will make people guilty for not saying it and then they eventually WILL say it, so it’s still a life hack (yes!)




I will actively scowl at anyone who says it to me. Take your god and shove him up your bum.


<3 thank you


true, it turns into a passive aggressive manners reminder


would you shove god up the bum of:

  • nobody, to hell with you all
  • your family and friends
  • your family, friends and colleagues
  • if i’m nearby anyone at all and no one else has done it first, i’m doing it

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it’s kind of rude to not say it in this culture though isn’t it?

Kind of a similar level to not saying thank you if someone holds a door open for you


actually it’s slightly less rude than that.

More like the the same level of rude as not saying “you’re welcome” if someone thanks you for a cuppa etc