Saying 'bless you'


it’s about acknowledging the presence of another person. Like saying good morning or a little smile and nod to a stranger. Nobody would expect you to stop in the middle of a phone call or something to say it but likewise if you’re aware it’s occurred,aren’t busy and don’t acknowledge it it’s slightly rude and a suggestion that you don’t value the sneezer.


Someone had a go at me in uni because I sneezed in a lecture and they said ‘Bless You’ but I didn’t thank them.



was this ever done on curb?


I sometimes say it in a sarcastic way to friends. Otherwise not really.

It’s quite weird really when you think about it. You don’t say ‘bless you’ if someone’s burped or farted or pished themself. why is it just sneezing?


i feel like it must have (only probably based around the weird one that americans say) but can’t actually remember


really annoys my significant other that I don’t say it


Was sat next to a mexican nun on a bus who kept saying it and crossing herself every time i sneezed (i had a cold). Got a bit much 2 hours in tbh


so say it!



her mum drove me mad blessing every single sneeze when I had terminal chronic hayfever one summer.


Is there any alternative we can say - it just seems really dumb to me if you’re not a Christian. That said, I doubt that 99+ per cent of Chrsistians don’t believe that saying “bless you” would protect you from death, even if we did have the plague.


Really it should be the sneezer apologising shouldn’t it? If you let out a burp or any other unwanted bodily noise, you wouldn’t except someone else to wish you well for it…


Wind up my life partner by saying it when she coughs but not when she sneezes.

Also by calling her my life partner


I vote for a round of applause.


I introduce Mrs casinobay as my current wife.


one minute’s head bowed silence


might start mixing things up and throw some gesundheits out there


ROSCOE is in a hospital waiting room because the east-facing window is a good vantage point from which to view rare warblers (and he is undercover in a bird watching group in Crewe that has a side hustle in the global export of crystal meth but that’s really just unimportant background stuff).

ROSCOE sneezes


ROSCOE: Ha thanks

DORIS LOGARITHM continues reading her stories

ROSCOE continues watching warblers while crouched on the reception desk (as this is the nature of the vantage point by the way, again irrelevant and the hospital receptionist is doing a really good job of getting on with her work as if there isn’t an adult man crouched on her desk)

ROSCOE sneezes again


ROSCOE: cheers (slightly quieter this time bc honestly you don’t have to do it every time Doris just mekkin it all about you int you Doris)

ROSCOE is actually a bit embarrassed so he goes to the other vantage point in the hospital.

ROSCOE: (to the member of staff he sees) Oh hi–

STAFF: Ah you must be from the bird watching group, yes we’ve left the usual dialysis machine free so you can balance on it and get the best view of warblers

ROSCOE: Thanks a bunch! (looks to camera) Cor, the NHS, eh?

The STAFF member leaves ROSCOE to balance on the dialysis machine and bird watch

He sneezes again

Steps can be heard reverberating down the corridor; at first distant and then in the room enters DORIS LOGARITHM, somewhat short of breath

DORIS LOGARITHM: BLESS YOU! (and she walks back to her place in the waiting room)

ROSCOE: (looks to camera) Tekkin the piss now