Saying inappropriate shit


I was speaking to a young woman at work who was requesting something from my team and I said that we weren’t able to do it at the moment as we are knuckle deep.


You shouldn’t have said that


No. It was a few weeks back and I can’t help but laugh every time I think of it.


Knuckles not that deep though is it? Wrist bit more so.

Elbow you’re going extreme




Alright, Guy Garvey.


Gives a whole new meaning to throw those curtains wide doesn’t it?




Ended an email once with “Give me a ring when you’ve got nothing on”.

Literally clicked send, stood up and screamed “…NOT BUSY” at the screen.


We’ve found the Balonz line: extreme fisting.


This is a masterpiece, mate.


with robson green? :scream:


Have @Slicky and @imaperv done a Freaky Friday style switch?!


I once said “frothing at the gash” (probably been reading too much viz) instead of “champing at the bit”


Who to?


The Pope


Can’t believe how good this is.


You should have abbreviated it to “effing at the gee”.

Keeps me out of trouble.


Amazing work from @Slicky ITT. Thread can be closed now.


“Pull your finger out”