Saying things in other languages


There’s a fair few people here who speak other languages (@sarahispi? @xylo?). Make a recording of yourself (you can do it on vocaroo) saying some things in that language.

Say hi and introduce yourself
Say a bit about speaking the language
Numbers 1-20
Say bye

Here is my German that makes Bavarians/Austrians be my friend and horrifies people from Hannover. The recording is a bit quiet.


Often use Irish language phrases when speaking with friends. Vocaroo doesn’t work on my iPad though.


Those monks were definitely having a laugh when they came up with the irish spelling system.


My friends’ names are completely unpronouncable at first glance. So many extra consonants.


“Other countries take the letters away when they change the sound- we will continue to add them and leave the old ones in, to increase the majesty of all our words”


The sound of the Scot-Czech

I do not, and will not, ever apologise.


You could do a video with the ipad I guess?


is maith liom uachtar reoite


dying for a scotch egg now


Is maith liom uibheacha scotch

(needed help with this one)


Going to try it later on!



I’ll have a crack at this in Argentinian-accented Spanish and European Portuguese next week when I have some time


Is this your most used sentence?


What I said for the non-deutschers
"Grüss Gott. Wie geht’s? Ich heisse Emma aus England. Ich werde etwas auf Deutsch sagen. Heutzutage, habe ich etwas Österreichischeakkzent, weil ich Englishleherin in Wien war. Das erste Mal, dass ich einen starke Wienerakkzent in Universität gehört, ich habe “das ist kein Deutsch, das ist Russisch” gedacht. Aber, heutzutage, klinge ich so- was kann man tun, wenn man so oft in Österreich ist? Passt scho’. Mindestens, ich klinge niemals wie Arnie- er hat einen echte Bauerntölpelakkzent. Ich fühle mich bequem, auf Deutch zu reden, aber ich mache noch Grammatikfehler. Hier sind die Nummer. Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn, elf, zwölf, dreizehn, vierzehn, fünfzehn, sechszehn, siebzehn, achtzehn, neunzehn,zwanzig. Aber, in Österreich, man sagt oft zwo für zwei"

Hi (how they say it in Austria/Bavaria). How’s it going. I’m Emma from England. I’m going to say something in German. These days I have a bit of an Austrian accent, because I was an English teacher in Vienna. The first time I heard a strong Vienna accent at university, I thought “this isn’t German, this is Russian”. Now I sound like that. What can you do, when you’ve been in Austria so much though? Never mind (a really Austrian phrase that winds German people up no end). At least I sound nothing like Arnie- he has a proper yokel accent. I feel comfortable talking in German, but I still make grammatical mistakes.

Here are the numbers. 1-20. However in Austria, people often say zwo for zwei. Bye.


So you spill 10% so badly you have to go pleading for a teatowel?


You could get yourself scotchguarded? It’s only mildly toxic?

Or buy all your clothes from fishing supply shops? A nice souwester and waders.


Hallo, mijn naam is Goo

De meeste buitenlanders hebben moeite met de keelklank voor de letter ‘G’. En het verschil tussen de lange ei korte ij

Een, twee, drie, vier, vijf, zes, zeven, acht, negen, tien, elf, twaalf, dertien, veertien, vijftien, zestien, zeventien, achtien, negentien, twintig

Tot ziens


Ik kan je niet horen? Ich kann dich nicht hören?


я Джен
я не изучал русский язык с августа
один два три четыре пять шесть семь восем ??? десять, uh, fuck, can’t remember the rest. basically just single digits with -nadtset on the end or something though I think?

Really need to get back to learning Russian in the new year. Got to a 199 streak on Duolingo and fucking lost my streak before I got to 200, didn’t I.