Feels like we’re in an endless loop of pasta / rice / potato based dinners :upside_down_face:

Is that by 19 Crimes?

Avoided them as I don’t like the branding. Any good?

Just back from conker picking and a very enjoyable lunch in my wife’s relative’s back garden.

Such a nice day today. Have floated the idea of a barbecue tomorrow. Wife is keen fistpump

Bought a very intriguing celebration ale from Sainsbury’s. Never seen it before but it’s in a 0.5 litre bottle with a cork and cage

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Gone cinema, expect a 6-7/10 time

Succulent Chinese place wouldn’t answer the phone for almost an hour. Local Indian it is.

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Some of the reds are pretty decent (the cabernet is good iirc) but I didn’t go much on the white.

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Chickpea and cauli curry for tea:

I think the sauce is a bit thin and I underspiced it a bit.


Prawn and sweet potato curry for tea.

Gonna have a beers in a little while and maybe have mince pie number one of the season.

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Need to work out what to have for dinner. Not-local Indian, not-local Asian, not-local Middle Eastern… the resort is my oyster. Also need to work out if I want Belgian beers before or after said dinner

Also need to do a t-shirt, boxers and socks audit, as I don’t think I’ve got enough clean clothes to get me home

Also also need to work out if I’m wearing a Snoopy, Pulp or Stereolab tee for the evening

Hard times


Momo bloat has finally subsided. Now enjoying some pub beers in the best place to enjoy pub beers, the pub. Might have to put a jacket on: Autumn



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D&D was fun! Now to make some cheese on toast, and grab a cider ready for a zoom chat with pals


Local Indian ordered.

What is everyone’s preferred drink accompaniment to a local Indian?

  • Water
  • Soft drink
  • Fizzy soft drink
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Spirit and mixer
  • Other
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I like a cider with it but the combination gives me a weird kind of glandular aching pain. Same with Chinese & cider. A 330ml can of lager or Salcombe Pale Ale* goes nicely too.

*Available in cases of 12 or as part of a mixed case from




It’s a choice of a new generation.

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Ancient Devonian secret, huh!

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Loving that cheeky #ad. Like and subscribe, guys!


Specifically after eating certain foods (Chinese and Indian mainly]

  • I too get this undefined pain
  • No idea what you’re on about
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